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Randall Model 2-8 Dagger Stiletto Knife Leather Handle

Time Left: 4h 10m
$1,476.03 with 18 bids

Vintage Case pocket knives on Display Board

Time Left: 7h 8m
$1,375.00 with 45 bids

[HA10] Japanese Samurai Sword: Tadashige Katana w Horimono in Koshirae 63.6 CM

Time Left: 1d 9h 9m
$1,335.00 with 27 bids

[HA09] Japanese Samurai Sword: NTHK Koto Nobukuni Katana in Handachi Koshirae

Time Left: 1d 7h 46m
$1,225.00 with 27 bids

Schrade Knife display with Knifes

Time Left: 1d 12h 39m
$1,092.08 with 1 bids

Schrade knife display box with boxes and paper work

Time Left: 1d 12h 49m
$1,092.08 with 1 bids

[HA01] Japanese Samurai Sword: Koto Kunitsugu Tachi w Horimono in Shirasaya

Time Left: 15h 11m
$1,075.00 with 29 bids

Ruana Knife Original Discontinued Brassie Model 4-1/2" Blade - Sheath MINT!!!

Time Left: 1d 1h 49m
$975.00 with 1 bids

Randall Knife Sportsman's Bowie Model 12 9" SS blade 14 Grind stag handle (RMK)

Time Left: 1d 11h 8m
$900.00 with 1 bids

MSA Gladstone knife stag handle model 46

Time Left: 2d 12h 28m
$859.00 with 42 bids

Marfione Custom Cypher MK 7

Time Left: 2d 6h 21m
$825.00 with 1 bids

[HA07] Japanese Samurai Sword: NBTHK Ryokai Wakizashi w Horimon in Fine Koshirae

Time Left: 1d 44m
$815.00 with 22 bids

vtg norton VR18 razor hone sharpening stone bear behr manning almost mint

Time Left: 9h 26m
$760.99 with 12 bids

Case XX Small Texas Toothpick Collection

Time Left: 3d 5h 15m
$760.00 with 2 bids

AFRANKART SFK Heavy BRass Andy Frankart

Time Left: 4h 27m
$750.00 with 29 bids

Vintage Randall Model 3 Stacked Leather Fixed Blade Knife w/ Scabbard - 7" Blade

Time Left: 40m 29s
$748.00 with 13 bids

Exquisite Harold Corby Bowie knife with sheath

Time Left: 1d 6h 52m
$715.00 with 7 bids


Time Left: 1d 13h 48m
$699.99 with 1 bids

Benchmade Gold Class 710-143 Mchenry & Williams CF Titanium Handle Damascus

Time Left: 1d 11h 27m
$691.00 with 20 bids


Time Left: 2d 1h 45m
$620.00 with 10 bids

Randall Fixed Blade Knife

Time Left: 3h 16m
$610.00 with 14 bids

Vintage Randall Knife Model 5

Time Left: 1d 9h 8m
$610.00 with 18 bids

Rare No Reserve Marfione Microtech Hattori Recurve CT

Time Left: 8d 12h 59m
$610.00 with 14 bids

Zieba S4 Cooper Knife

Time Left: 19h 58m
$598.25 with 15 bids

Shirogorov Flipper 95 Genuine Custom Knife S90V CF Inlays Box Paperwork MINT

Time Left: 4d 14m
$570.00 with 4 bids