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Lady Death the Reckoning #3 - Stephen Hughes Original Comic Art Chaos GGA Cover

Time Left: 8d 10h 38m
$5,300.00 with 24 bids

Witchblade – Cover Issue 6 – Michael Turner – Framed Original Comic Art Top Cow

Time Left: 8d 12h 59m
$5,000.00 with 23 bids

WILL EISNER 1989 SPIRIT #66 Original COVER Comic Art Octopus

Time Left: 4d 4h 31m
$2,650.00 with 46 bids

Angela Cover for Wizard Magazine – Michael Linsner – Full color Illustration

Time Left: 8d 11h 48m
$1,980.00 with 23 bids

Frank Cho Original Art Sketch Cover - Wheat Cakes/Vampirella

Time Left: 1d 10h 41m
$1,200.00 with 32 bids

NEIL GAIMAN COLLEEN DORAN Troll Bridge graphic novel original comics art SPLASH

Time Left: 6d 23m
$800.77 with 27 bids

Mystic – Compendium Cover 2001 – Linsner GGA Original Comic Art Crossgen

Time Left: 8d 9h 53m
$787.00 with 23 bids

Collection Of George Perez Original Art Work, 11 Pieces

Time Left: 7d 6h 39m
$750.00 with 1 bids


Time Left: 5d 12h 16m
$581.00 with 11 bids

Gary Frank Doomsday Clock Original Comic Art #2 p5, Rorschach, Veidt, Superman

Time Left: 5d 10h 48m
$575.00 with 7 bids

Al Columbia - "Pim and Francie's Blood Room" - Original Art - Painting - RARE!

Time Left: 3d 4h 53m
$565.00 with 9 bids

Liberty Meadows Collection Book Frank Cho – 2001 Original Comic Art Back Cover

Time Left: 8d 9h 48m
$565.00 with 19 bids

Vampirella- Original – Jim Silke – SIGNED Bad Girl GGA Original Comic Art

Time Left: 8d 12h 23m
$560.00 with 9 bids

Dick Tracy Original Daily Comic art 1947 Coffehead - Chester Gould!

Time Left: 1d 1h 2m
$510.00 with 9 bids


Time Left: 3d 11h 47m
$510.00 with 92 bids

Orig 1986 Marvel Comic book Art for TRANSFORMERS HERB TRIMPE, AL GORDON 2 Pages

Time Left: 1d 5h 47m
$450.00 with 1 bids

Esteban Maroto Original Red Sonja

Time Left: 1d 10h 45m
$449.00 with 10 bids

Ink Original Comic Book Batman Captain America Art Signed Sheldon Shelly Moldoff

Time Left: 1d 11h 34m
$400.00 with 2 bids

Conan – Issue 2 Page 20 – Claudio Castellini – Original Comic Art FULL SPLASH

Time Left: 8d 10h 17m
$400.00 with 6 bids

Larry Elmore - Pencil Drawing from 1985 - “Jeff in the Box” - Jeff Eisley

Time Left: 12h 47m
$389.00 with 3 bids

Stunning Green Arrow Original Pin-Up by Quiver Artists Phil Hester & Ande Parks

Time Left: 5d 11h 55m
$385.00 with 29 bids

Vampirella – Jim Silke – Original Comic Art SIGNED GGA Bad Girl Sexy

Time Left: 8d 12h 28m
$385.00 with 10 bids

Rascals in Paradise – Full page – Original Art - Jim Silke – Revenge is Sweet

Time Left: 8d 12h 33m
$380.00 with 16 bids

Jim Lee Oversized Female Warrior 11 X 17 WildC.A.T.S. Original Art Sketch +bonus

Time Left: 2d 6h 35m
$371.00 with 2 bids

Mike Mignola Original Comic Art Hellboy Sketch

Time Left: 1d 8h 15m
$355.00 with 2 bids