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A Romie Baby*Full Bodied solid SILICONE doll sculpted & reborn by Romie Strydom

Time Left: 14h 28m
$15,600.00 with 40 bids

reborn,full silicone patinium baby boy,drink and wet , Bunny from An Huang

Time Left: 3d 12h 51m
$3,550.00 with 29 bids

Sweet Prototype* Reborn*Ephram by Melody Hess* Jacqueline Kramer

Time Left: 3d 14h 26m
$2,729.16 with 37 bids

Precious Wonders - Reborn Baby boy PROTOTYPE Luciano by Cassie Brace

Time Left: 5d 10h 1m
$2,092.36 with 74 bids

70er 80er XL Vintage Barbie Superstar Konvolut 1976 Vintage 13 dolls Hawaiian

Time Left: 3d 14h 28m
$1,139.33 with 20 bids

BEAU JUMEAU BEBE du 19ème siècle

Time Left: 17h 49m
$1,120.15 with 25 bids

Full Body Silicone Doll Kit BLANK Lovebug Girl DRINK and WET by Sylvia Manning

Time Left: 5d 14h 39m
$987.70 with 3 bids

Living Dead Dolls Handmade From Ed And Damion Posey Rare One Of A Kind

Time Left: 4d 18h 16m
$880.00 with 7 bids

12 Vintage Palitoy Pippa Dolls Collection with Accessories

Time Left: 5d 7h 45m
$857.74 with 17 bids

Galoob Baby Face doll - So Silly Sally 

Time Left: 4d 14h 19m
$850.00 with 1 bids

full body silicone baby

Time Left: 1d 8h 47m
$830.00 with 4 bids

Barbie Doll DPX21 Hello Dreamhouse With WiFi Voice Activated

Time Left: 23h 7m
$829.00 with 3 bids

AMAZING Reborn PROTOTYPE "Luciano" by Cassie Brace

Time Left: 1d 18h 15m
$810.00 with 20 bids

Katrina, Dianna Effner 13"

Time Left: 1d 22h 53m
$810.00 with 2 bids

Annette Himstedt Liska and Lotta 2005

Time Left: 5d 10h 11m
$800.00 with 1 bids

~Realistic reborn beautiful baby doll *Maya* Joanna Kazmierczak kit Sunny~

Time Left: 4d 10h 6m
$780.00 with 14 bids

Antique FRENCH FASHION Bisque FG Francois Gaultier Poupee de Mode DOLL 17" GUC!

Time Left: 2d 20h 50m
$750.00 with 1 bids

Antique 15" Kammer & Reinhardt Marie 101 Bisque Head Doll German Original Outfit

Time Left: 3d 21h 51m
$720.00 with 3 bids

Antique 15" Kammer & Reinhardt Marie 101 Bisque Head Doll German Original Outfit

Time Left: 3d 21h 52m
$720.00 with 3 bids


Time Left: 4d 10h 26m
$675.79 with 41 bids

RARE VERY LARGE 40 inches Tall Antique German A M Armand Marseille Doll

Time Left: 4d 21h 51m
$675.00 with 42 bids

OOAK Blythe Cordi (Phoebe Maybe base)

Time Left: 2d 9h 16m
$660.00 with 14 bids

Full Body Silicone Baby

Time Left: 18h 33m
$650.00 with 1 bids

Full Body Silicone Baby Girl

Time Left: 4d 9h 17m
$650.00 with 1 bids

reborn doll ,baby girl, Prototype, Realborn(R), Lavender Awake

Time Left: 13h 53m
$649.80 with 14 bids