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Top 25 Highest-Bid Items, Right Now, Worldwide

Very interesting old cello, in need of restoration!

High Bid: $1,725.00
Bids: 23
Time Left:
14h 44m

Very nice Czechs cello, violoncello by Pavel Zalud!

High Bid: $1,151.00
Bids: 27
Time Left:
14h 59m

beautiful vintage F. Besson BREVETE flugelhorn #84xxx, rare & nice one

High Bid: $628.00
Bids: 65
Time Left:
5h 33m

Fine, antique ANTONIO MARCONI Italian labeled old 4/4 master violin - fiddle

High Bid: $610.00
Bids: 35
Time Left:
10h 44m


High Bid: $548.67
Bids: 55
Time Left:
4d 12h 40m

Old 1900's violin good condition

High Bid: $455.00
Bids: 10
Time Left:
8h 25m

Rare, antique CARLO SCHIAVI Italian labeled old 4/4 violin - fiddle, geige

High Bid: $416.11
Bids: 34
Time Left:
11h 14m

Old French violin 1900s labelled Paul Beuscher

High Bid: $366.00
Bids: 4
Time Left:
8h 12m

FINE VINTAGE VIOLIN labelled Gand & Bernardel, Paris. GREAT BUILD, NICE TONE!

High Bid: $360.00
Bids: 33
Time Left:
13h 49m

Antique Old Vintage "Bapt Grancino" 2 Pc Back Full Size Violin - No Reserve

High Bid: $325.00
Bids: 30
Time Left:
1d 12h 29m

Very nice, old 4/4 Violin violon!

High Bid: $279.00
Bids: 1
Time Left:
4d 6h 11m


High Bid: $264.99
Bids: 2
Time Left:
2d 11h 49m

Nice, antique Nicola Segizo Italian labeled old 4/4 school violin - fiddle,geige

High Bid: $228.50
Bids: 26
Time Left:
11h 44m

Steinway & Sons Upright Piano Louie XV

High Bid: $200.00
Bids: 3
Time Left:
6d 5h 56m

Old Vintage Antique German "Stradivarius" 1 Pc. Back Full Size Violin - NR

High Bid: $185.50
Bids: 25
Time Left:
1d 11h 59m

Antique French Wooden Boehm System Flute - CABART a Paris

High Bid: $182.50
Bids: 11
Time Left:
1d 1h 52m

Old Violin/Viola Bow Stamped: F.N.VOIRIN A PARIS

High Bid: $167.50
Bids: 19
Time Left:
3h 19m

Old French violin bow 1900's stamped J. LAVEST

High Bid: $157.50
Bids: 5
Time Left:
8h 36m

Vintage Hohner Vienna 114D Button Accordion, 4 Stops, Base to Treble, No Reserve

High Bid: $152.50
Bids: 20
Time Left:
7d 10h 43m

Vintage Old Antique American "Geo. Lejko 1932" 1 Pc Back Full Size Violin - NR

High Bid: $152.50
Bids: 27
Time Left:
8d 12h 14m

Antique Old Vintage "Maggini" 2 Pc. Back Full Size Violin - No Reserve

High Bid: $152.50
Bids: 7
Time Left:
8d 12h 43m

Vintage Lot of 4 Old Antique Violins - No Reserve

High Bid: $150.00
Bids: 16
Time Left:
1d 12h 44m

FINE 4/4 STEINER type OLD VIOLIN Label: SOCQUER a Paris .. fiddle 小提琴 ヴァイオリン

High Bid: $140.83
Bids: 48
Time Left:
7d 7h 48m

Antique Old Vintage "Joh. Bapt. Schweitzer" 1 Pc. Back Full Size Violin - NR

High Bid: $139.83
Bids: 16
Time Left:
1d 11h 44m

Very fine carved bohemian violin, about 1890 c !

High Bid: $127.63
Bids: 6
Time Left:
5d 8h 4m