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Hohner Harmonicas Set Of 8 (5 Thunderbird And 3 Crossover)

Time Left: 1d 12h 38m
$168.50 with 14 bids

Hohner (CX12) Chromatic Harmonica ~ Made in Germany ~ Black ~ Key of C

Time Left: 8d 22h 7m
$72.00 with 3 bids

Hohner Super Chromonica Key C 12 Hole Harmonica Boxed

Time Left: 7d 16h 38m
$46.58 with 1 bids

NEW! Hohner Marine Band Crossover Harmonica M2009 G

Time Left: 2d 17h 38m
$45.00 with 3 bids


Time Left: 3d 9h 13m
$33.28 with 1 bids

Suzuki ProMaster Harmonica MR350 key of G diatonic

Time Left: 18h 37m
$27.94 with 2 bids

Hohner Replica Double Sided Tremelo Harmonica Art Deco In Box

Time Left: 1d 27m
$25.00 with 1 bids

M. Hohner Marine Band Harmonica - Key of A - No. 1896/20 M1896106 NM+ Hand Made

Time Left: 4d 7m
$25.00 with 1 bids

'The 64' Chromonica - by Hohner, 4 Chromatic Octaves - Pro Model - and a story..

Time Left: 6d 2h 6m
$25.00 with 2 bids

Hammond Mouth Organ / Harmonica, Key of C, with Case - UNL

Time Left: 22h 57m
$22.50 with 3 bids

Hohner #270 A Harmonica

Time Left: 2d 21h 56m
$20.50 with 2 bids

Hohner Special 20 Harmonica Lot of 5

Time Left: 6d 18h 20m
$20.50 with 2 bids

Hohner #270 D harmonica

Time Left: 2d 21h 52m
$20.00 with 1 bids

Hohner #280 C Harmonica

Time Left: 2d 22h 1m
$20.00 with 1 bids

Hohner # 270 G Harmonica

Time Left: 3d 13h 4m
$20.00 with 1 bids


Time Left: 21h 55m
$19.99 with 1 bids

Hohner 64 Chromonica 4 Chromatic Octaves Professional Model Harmonica W/ Case

Time Left: 4d 15h 52m
$18.50 with 8 bids

Lee Oskar Major Diatonic Harmonica - B Flat

Time Left: 5d 20h 33m
$17.90 with 1 bids

Unusual HOHNER Chromonica II DeLuxe Harmonica Mouth Organ Art Deco Styling!

Time Left: 7d 8h 59m
$17.08 with 5 bids

Hohner "Chromonika II" - Chromatic Harmonica in C - Vintage with Original Case

Time Left: 6d 5h 48m
$15.48 with 1 bids

Hohner Chromatic Harmonica - The "Larry Adler Proffesional 12" - Vintage

Time Left: 6d 6h 41m
$15.48 with 1 bids

Seydel Chromatic Standard 48 in C-Dur, chromatische Mundharmonika

Time Left: 19h 49m
$13.53 with 5 bids

Hohner Marine Band Mouth Organ/ Harmonica In Original Case (Made in Germany)

Time Left: 1d 17h 34m
$13.31 with 1 bids

Hohner MS Key F Blues Harp Harmonica with Case Free UK Post

Time Left: 2d 18h 25m
$13.31 with 1 bids

M Hohner "Marine Band" MS No. 1896 Harmonica in Box with instructions

Time Left: 18h 30m
$13.30 with 1 bids