Free Auction Estimates

How to Get Them from Reputable Experts

The following websites can help you find reputable experts willing to provide you with free auction estimates for many high quality antique and collectible items.

They provide this service free (for items they sell) because they're hopeful you'll choose to consign your item with them. This earns a commission for their auction house or gallery.

Because accurate estimates require highly specialized knowledge (especially if an item's particularly rare) it's recommended that you get several estimates (at least 3) from different experts, to compare your items valuation. Just as you would in any-other estimate situation (home remodel, car repair, etc).

Also, check their reputation. The Better Business Bureau and websites like Yelp and Angie's List may help you find-out if there have been complaints against a company.

And, before consigning your items to anyone, see the Better Business Bureaus - Tips for Selling Through Consignment as a way to help insure that you're doing business with a reputable expert.

Free Appraisals
PBS Antiques Roadshow: A treasure-trove of reputable experts who may be able to point you in the direction for your free estimate.

Good for finding appraisers in many rare item categories, including art, collectibles, jewelry, memorabilia, and a many more unique items.

Helpful Tips:

  • Find experts who specialize in your item by clicking the 'Select Category' button on the Roadshow Appraiser page.

  • Contact those experts (contact information provided on the appraisers bio page) and ask for a referral to an auction house and/or gallery who may be interested in selling your item.

  • Contact the recommended auction houses and/or galleries directly (let them know who referred you) and ask if they'd be willing to give you an estimate for your item.

  • To find an expert near you, search appraisers by location.

Free Appraisals
Live Auctioneers: Links to over 2,000 auctioneers worldwide, including some of the worlds largest and most renowned.

Good for a wide variety items, including free estimates on more traditional quality (new and used) items.

Helpful Tips:

  • Search for items similar to yours in the Auction Results Database.

  • Find the contact information for the auction houses who've sold items like yours (contact information found by clicking links with auctioneers name).

  • Contact the auction house directly and ask if they'd be willing to give you an estimate for your item.

  • To find an auctioneer near you (worldwide) see their directory

Free Appraisals
Barnebys: A meta search engine with a free research database for more than 600 auction houses worldwide.

Good for antiques, collectibles, art, 19th century design, furniture, jewelry, gems and a wide variety of high-quality collectibles.

Helpful Tips:

  • They have a simple four-step process to receive appraisals free of charge from a number of well known auction houses.

Free Appraisals
Free Appraisal Directory: A list of some of the world's top auction houses offering free auction estimates, organized by category.

Good for a wide variety art, antiques, jewelry and high-quality collectibles. See the directory.