Vintage Work-Shirt Collects $7,000 Bid

WEBWIRE – Tuesday, March 03, 2009 Share Button

A Vintage Work Shirt recently ignited a bidding war on eBay. The shirt, a 1920’s indigo train engineer’s shirt, drew a virtual crowd before collecting its final eBay selling price of $7,100. Lighter

In the end 900 visitors clicked to take a closer look at the highly sought after shirt, with 14 (collectively) placing 30 bids before the 7 day auction ended.

According to James Massey, publisher of, a free website which tracks top selling eBay items. The train engineer’s shirt (sold) was made by Reunion with a Stifel dyed fabric. “Vintage shirts made with (marked) Stifel fabrics always seem to have high demand”

Besides vintage shirts, old jeans also appear to be favorites among vintage clothing collectors. In 2008 a pair of 100-year-old Levi’s jeans found in a California goldmine fetched a final (eBay) selling price of $36,099.