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Bids-Fly for Amelia Earhart Gloves

From her Historic Flight to Mexico which was put in Peril by a Tiny Stowaway



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March 22, 2012
By James Massey

(Source: - Signed flying gloves reportedly worn by Amelia Earhart during a historic flight that was put in peril by a small stowaway, have been found on eBay.
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Included documention

According to the sellers listing, the historic signed leather gloves were worn by Earhart during her 1935 "Goodwill Solo Flight" to Mexico.

The flight was apparently put in peril over Mexico due to problems caused by a small-stowaway 'bug' which was flying loose in the airplanes cockpit.

Details of the 'bug incident' were described in the sellers listing as follows:

"Morning found her in mountainous tableland somewhere between Guadalajara and Mexico City and, by her own admission, "….not exactly sure where." Incredibly, an insect, which had perhaps been aboard the aircraft since takeoff, suddenly lodged in one of her eyes and, with her eyes tearing uncontrollably, she was unable to distinguish Zitacuaro from Zumpango on the charts she had spread on her lap. Still with blurred vision, she dropped down and apparently landed near the Estación Nopala, Hidalgo, where rancheros pointed the way to Mexico City."

Besides the gloves, the seller states the auction also includes documentation supporting the items provenance and history. (For close-up photos of the gloves and included documentation see; **eBay listing #320871848279)

The seller may have good timing, due to a recent news stories of new evidence surfacing in the Amelia Earhart mystery (see video).

New Mission to Solve Amelia Earhart Mystery - Length 2:08 (Source: Youtube)

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