Rare Star Wars Poster Gets $74,800 Bid on eBay

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December 14, 2015
By James Massey

ONLINE – Bidding on eBay rose to $74,800 for a rare 'Revenge of the Jedi' poster which was never printed, due to the movie's title being changed to 'Return of the Jedi.'


Kept Secret for Years

According to the sellers eBay listing, the poster (measuring 14 x 11 inches) which contains the original signature of the artist David Peters, was saved by a production company employee after it was decided to change the movie's name to 'Return of the Jedi.'

The sellers description of how he acquired the poster;

"I was in middle school at the time the movie Return of the Jedi was released. A friend of mine whose mother worked at the production company was able to keep this print-as the story goes she lost her job for not being able to produce the destroyed remains. I was told to never tell or show anyone. I kept it in hiding for several years. When I realized the story was probably blown out of proportion, I got it out of my secret hiding spot that had been in for five + years and hung it on my wall. I grew out of my Star Wars faze and put it away till now."

Seller Safeguards

The seller also stated in their listing. They had a concern someone may take the posters image and reproduce it, thereby diminishing it's value. As a precautionary measure they covered two spots on the poster (see image) to prevent anyone from scanning or reproducing it.

Reserve Not Met

The final high bid amount of $74,800 did not meet the seller's reserve price. Unfortunately the seller does not disclose their reserve price in the listiong, so there's no way to know how close the high-bidder came.

Although... the seller did have a Buy It Now price of $225,000.

Star Wars Hot on eBay... and Everywhere

Besides Movie Memorabilia, Star Wars Action figures are also hot on eBay (see list below) and just about everywhere, with the December 18 release of 'The Force Awakens.' Last Friday, Sotheby's just completed a sale which exceeded $500,000. Top items in that sale were dominated by a Star Wars action figures.

TOP 25: Star Wars Action Figures on eBay


High Bid: $9,800.00
Bids: 29
Time Left:
1d 13h 3m

Kenner Star Wars Pre-production: Complete Luke Hoth Hard Copy

High Bid: $4,150.00
Bids: 20
Time Left:
3d 15h

Kenner Star Wars Hans Solo Figure in Wax & Lucas Reference Photo

High Bid: $3,821.00
Bids: 26
Time Left:
4d 16h 14m

Kenner Star Wars LUKE SKYWALKER pre-production "First Shot"

High Bid: $1,700.00
Bids: 29
Time Left:
4d 15h 45m


High Bid: $1,425.00
Bids: 36
Time Left:
4d 14h 4m

Star Wars Titanium Lot Must See Massive Huge Collection

High Bid: $1,000.00
Bids: 1
Time Left:
3d 7h 18m

Rare Vintage Star Wars Uzay Mini-rig MTV-7 AFA graded Q-75 Turkish Turkey

High Bid: $999.99
Bids: 1
Time Left:
5d 10h 51m

Vintage Star Wars Vinyl Cape Jawa 100% Original Complete 1977 1978 High Grade

High Bid: $979.00
Bids: 61
Time Left:
6d 11h 24m

Kenner Star Wars "First Shot" Lobot Character

High Bid: $751.00
Bids: 13
Time Left:
2d 15h 45m

Kenner Star Wars pre-production "First Shot" Bespin Guard Character

High Bid: $676.00
Bids: 8
Time Left:
2d 15h 59m

1979 Star Wars BOBA FETT Mail Away Figure with Original Box Overall AFA 75

High Bid: $605.00
Bids: 7
Time Left:
3d 14h 5m


High Bid: $565.55
Bids: 22
Time Left:
4d 14h

Kenner Star Wars Pre-production Admiral Ackbar "First Shot"

High Bid: $510.00
Bids: 37
Time Left:
3d 14h 14m

Kenner Star Wars Salacious Crumb "First Shot" with unusual feature

High Bid: $510.00
Bids: 54
Time Left:
3d 14h 30m

Vintage Star Wars BOBA FETT ROTJ TAIWAN MOC 77 back offerless NR! Desert Scene

High Bid: $500.00
Bids: 11
Time Left:
4d 15h 22m

Vintage 1985 Boba Fett From the TV Series Star War Droids

High Bid: $414.00
Bids: 71
Time Left:
1d 6h 42m

Kenner Star Wars Droids Tig Fromm Action Figure Carded with acrylic case

High Bid: $413.88
Bids: 10
Time Left:
5d 12h

Star Wars Vintage Figure Lot-28 HIGH GRADE authentic weapons BLUE SNAGGLETOOTH

High Bid: $411.00
Bids: 15
Time Left:
4d 16h 31m

Star Wars 1980 Vintage Kenner Bossk Mailer w/Sealed Kenner Bag, Box, & Paperwork

High Bid: $410.00
Bids: 56
Time Left:
4d 16h 19m

1980 Vintage Kenner Star Wars ESB31A Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Boba Fett MOC

High Bid: $410.00
Bids: 8
Time Left:
4d 17h 59m

1983 Vintage Kenner Star Wars ROTJ65A Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Boba Fett MOC

High Bid: $405.00
Bids: 8
Time Left:
4d 17h 59m

star wars glasslite luke skywalker

High Bid: $400.00
Bids: 1
Time Left:
14h 17m

Sise Fromm 1985 Kenner Star Wars Droids TV Series.

High Bid: $385.00
Bids: 25
Time Left:
1d 7h 30m


High Bid: $371.38
Bids: 1
Time Left:
6d 22h 46m

Vintage Kenner Star Wars 46 Action Figures, 57 Weapons, Accessories. No Repro!

High Bid: $356.26
Bids: 22
Time Left:
4d 16h 48m