FOUND - Waterloo Battle Flag May Fetch $389,000

Bought in an Online Auction for $650

Gary Lawrence (right) with his son Luke (left), together with the flag.

May 11, 2017
By James Massey, What Sells Best News

ESSEX, UK (VIDEO) – A flag from Napoleon's historic Battle of Waterloo was found inside a box of flags bought online for $650 (£500). Experts believe the value of the flag may exceed $389,000 (£300,000) at auction.

Found by Father and Son

The buyers, Gary Lawrence and his son Luke, run an online military collectibles business. And as-if their story of finding an extremely rare Waterloo flag wasn't amazing enough... their business is actually named, Waterloo Militaria.

They've been dealing in Militaria for over 30 years, supplying collectors, film production companies, and museums worldwide. But, they had never previously found anything as historically significant as this.

The flag, purchased from a U.S. auction house last year for about $650 (£500), was described as flag fragments. When they received it, they knew right away was a lot more than just fragments.

They prepared a room to carefully unravel the flags parts, which took three days. Their carefulness was rewarded when they found it was a Coldstream Guards flag, from a regiment who served at Waterloo, in the most important part of the battle at Hugoument."

Some Tattered Flags Fetch Millions

The Daily Mail reports, the flag's estimated value is based a known surviving flag from the Battle of Trafalgar, which fetched more than $389,000 (£300,000).

Our research indicates some historically significant battle flags, even tattered, can command exceptionally strong prices in the marketplace.

Here's a few examples (note: quoted prices may vary due currency exchange rates at time of the sale, and buyers premiums which may be reflected in prices):

Waterloo Flag Auction Coming Soon...

Currently the flag is being restored by May Berkouwer Textile Conservation a textile conservator who does work for many Museums and Universities. The restoration should be completed at the end of the month and from there it will be scheduled for auction.

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