SOLD - $42,000 for Rare NES Stadium Events

1987 Video Game Reportedly Found Factory Sealed in Thrift Shop

The rare game is stated to be still sealed In original factory packaging.

July 11, 2017
By James Massey, What Sells Best News

QUEENS, NEW YORK (VIDEO) – A rare NES Stadium Events video game we reported on, reportedly found in a thrift store, has fetched $42,000 in an ebay auction.

The game, described by the seller as an authentic factory sealed Bandai NES Stadium Events. May be one of the rarest video games recently sold to the collector market.

Extremely Rare

After its initial 1987 release, only 200 copies are thought to have been sold by Bandai before Nintendo bought and recalled the game for re-branding.

Found... then Forgotten

The seller posted a YouTube video, explaining how the copy had been found by their mother-in-law at a local thrift shop. She apparently picked it up (for the sellers husband) because she thought her son might like playing it.

After she returned home, she put it on a shelf in her son's childhood room and forgot all about it. While visiting his mother, the son noticed it, found out it was for him, and began researching it.

Another Fetched $30,000

The Bandai NES Stadium Events game is highly desired by top Video Game Collectors, who are known to pay more than $30,000 for copies in excellent condition.

Just at the beginning of this year, somebody paid $30,000 for another NES Stadium Events Video Game with Extras which was also listed on eBay.

Auction Information

The sellers ten-day auction began July 1, 2017, with an opening bid of $9000, and ended Tuesday, July 11, at 8:11am (PST) with a winning bid of $42,077.

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