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Antique Trumpet Sheet Metal Instrument Meinel & Herold Klingenthal

Time Left: 1h
$110.31 or Best-Offer

antique afghanistan Nuristan kohistan musical instruments harp waj wuj musik

Time Left: 3h 38m
$2,499.00 or Best-Offer

conley and waters specail services phonograph

Time Left: 4h 19m
$1,000.00 or Best-Offer

Old Violin Bow Stamped NACH PAGANINI workshop Richard Oertel c/a1900 № 2332

Time Left: 6h 15m
$2,150.00 or Best-Offer

Private COLLECTION to SELL - 100: A good VIOLIN - GEIGE *Josef LIDL v Brne*

Time Left: 6h 30m
$1,300.00 or Best-Offer

Rare antique pump organ Story & Clark Chicago USA

Time Left: 7h 20m
$100.00 or Best-Offer

ITALIAN CORNETTO ZINK XVI/XVII sec. ORIGINAL!! cornett alte old renaissance

Time Left: 8h 7m
$7,700.00 or Best-Offer

One Set Antique Bronze Tuning Bells For Musical Instruments

Time Left: 8h 28m
$575.00 or Best-Offer


Time Left: 8h 46m
$685.00 or Best-Offer


Time Left: 8h 49m
$400.00 or Best-Offer

Upright grand piano, by Kranich & Bach made in NYC 1898

Time Left: 9h 30m
$8,000.00 or Best-Offer

Nice very old antique 4/4 French Restored Violin labeled Strad Copy

Time Left: 9h 33m
$2,000.00 or Best-Offer

Antique Original natural Trumpet By Michael Saurle

Time Left: 9h 38m
$12,500.00 or Best-Offer

Vintage Bowl Back Mandolin Needs Repair Home Decor Or Luthier Project

Time Left: 10h 20m
$399.99 or Best-Offer

A beautiful antique German 4/4 Violin purchased in Prague 20 years ago

Time Left: 11h 7m
$995.00 or Best-Offer

Late 19th Century French Violin, Artist Grade. Original Finish.

Time Left: 12h 4m
$1,750.00 or Best-Offer

Erard ANTIQUE Grand Piano 7'1" Satin Figured Mahogany Finish PRICE REDUCED AGAIN

Time Left: 12h 6m
$17,800.00 or Best-Offer

(AA-10840, B12) Antique Tamborine, purcussion, sound-maker, symbols, Age unknown

Time Left: 13h 7m
$125.00 or Best-Offer

Antique Carved Wood Victorian Organ with Mirror

Time Left: 13h 34m
$775.00 or Best-Offer

Antique Brescian Violin "Maggini", ORIGINAL old italian violino ancienne violon

Time Left: 14h 58m
$18,000.00 or Best-Offer

Violin Carlo Colombo Bruno, TORINO about 1930, SOUND SAMPLE! old italian violino

Time Left: 15h 1m
$8,500.00 or Best-Offer

Violin old vintage antique fiddle looks plays and sounds great. circa 1920's

Time Left: 15h 42m
$1,785.00 or Best-Offer


Time Left: 16h 20m
$749.99 or Best-Offer


Time Left: 16h 36m
$2,995.00 or Best-Offer

Antique Old Violin Teachers Estate

Time Left: 17h 40m
$1,200.00 or Best-Offer

Antique Old 4/4 Jacob Stainer Violin with Grafted Scroll Bushed Teachers Estate

Time Left: 18h 54m
$900.00 or Best-Offer

Antique Vintage Clarinet Buffet Crampon 1927

Time Left: 18h 57m
$2,750.00 or Best-Offer

Antique Old 4/4 Nicolaus Amatus Violin Bushed Pegs Teachers Estate

Time Left: 19h 28m
$350.00 or Best-Offer

Old Antique Violin for Restoration

Time Left: 22h 8m
$895.00 or Best-Offer

The Violin Makers Of The Guarneri Family- Hill- 1931- First Edition

Time Left: 22h 21m
$750.00 or Best-Offer

Violin Book How Many Strads? Doring, 1945, In Very Fine Condition

Time Left: 22h 21m
$325.00 or Best-Offer

NY Piano Co. Autopiano

Time Left: 1d 2h 14m
$100.00 or Best-Offer

Antique Oak Regina Music Box Double Combs 36 Discs & Cherry Base Storage Cabinet

Time Left: 1d 3h 32m
$5,900.00 or Best-Offer

Vintage Full Size Violin

Time Left: 1d 6h 11m
$349.99 or Best-Offer

Premiata Fabbrica Maga Ercole Stradella (Italia) 1895 accordion

Time Left: 1d 7h 3m
$1,099.58 or Best-Offer


Time Left: 1d 7h 25m
$985.00 or Best-Offer

a fiddle from DOUG KERSHAW

Time Left: 1d 9h 9m
$299.99 or Best-Offer


Time Left: 1d 9h 29m
$600.00 or Best-Offer

Beautiful Old 15.5" Viola ** Rich Tone **

Time Left: 1d 10h
$1,530.00 or Best-Offer

Original Vintage New York & Bremen, Captain Suite Musical Instrument Olrich & Co

Time Left: 1d 10h 1m
$285.00 or Best-Offer

Old Violin/Viola Bow Stamped: " V.J.FERELLI "

Time Left: 1d 10h 16m
$1,500.00 or Best-Offer

4/4 Antique German Violin. Nice Old One W/ Professional Setup!

Time Left: 1d 10h 54m
$995.00 or Best-Offer

4/4 1920s C. Alberi Nippon Copy Violin. Nice Old One W/ Professional Setup!

Time Left: 1d 12h 14m
$640.00 or Best-Offer

4/4 1900's German Guarneri Copy Violin. Nice Old One W/ Professional Setup!

Time Left: 1d 12h 22m
$725.00 or Best-Offer

Baroque Viennese Oboe by Johann Ziegler, Vienna, ca.1830 Boxwood - Restored

Time Left: 1d 13h 2m
$5,370.00 or Best-Offer

Rare Antique Flutina Accordion 19th Century Bisonoric Diatonic Working Order

Time Left: 1d 13h 13m
$1,000.00 or Best-Offer

DON'T MISS THIS..Lovely and Unique --Reid Peerless Upright Registered Pump Organ

Time Left: 1d 13h 57m
$200.00 or Best-Offer

E martin Violin early 1900s

Time Left: 1d 16h 44m
$1,350.00 or Best-Offer

Vega Vintage Bowl Back Mandolin Very nice action but needs repair in back bowl

Time Left: 1d 17h 29m
$199.99 or Best-Offer

American Hand Carved Tribal Drums ~ Sheep Skin Leather ~ Bongo ~ Rattle

Time Left: 1d 17h 36m
$119.99 or Best-Offer

A Very Fine old Italian violin Gagliano Raffaele Filius Joannes 1843.

Time Left: 1d 18h
$30,000.00 or Best-Offer

Antique H.N White King New Proportion Silver Trombone With Original Case

Time Left: 1d 18h 13m
$1,174.99 or Best-Offer

Epiphone Recording Art Deluxe Banjo

Time Left: 1d 19h 14m
$9,000.00 or Best-Offer

Algreen 86002 Rain Barrel With Spigot, 50 gal, Brass, Plastic, Polyethylene, Ter

Time Left: 1d 21h 38m
$198.85 or Best-Offer

FINE 4/4 ANTIQUE VIOLIN Label PAUL BEUCHER PARIS Flamed wood fiddle 小提琴 ヴァイオリン

Time Left: 1d 22h 28m
$999.00 or Best-Offer

CELLO Mario Gadda, MANTOVA 1988, Gaetano Gadda model, CERTIFICATE, violoncello

Time Left: 2d 35m
$14,500.00 or Best-Offer

Old Violin Bow Stamped F.C.PFRETZSCHNER

Time Left: 2d 5h 8m
$1,100.00 or Best-Offer

Antique 1917 Aeolian Duo-Art Reproducing Baby Grand Piano

Time Left: 2d 6h 12m
$9,500.00 or Best-Offer

Ant Knoll Violin Bow Eight Sided Shaft Silver Winding & Silver/Ebony Adj Screw

Time Left: 2d 6h 33m
$191.75 or Best-Offer

WHITE PEARL Hohner Imperial 1 Tiny Accordion 12 bass nice camping camp 4.5 Lb

Time Left: 2d 6h 47m
$149.00 or Best-Offer

Antique Vintage 1896 CG CONN WONDER Cornet 34733 w/Case Horn Trumpet J0514

Time Left: 2d 7h 43m
$399.99 or Best-Offer

Authentic Yaka Diviner Janus Slit Gong Drum Mukoku Ngoombu Congo/Angola

Time Left: 2d 10h 18m
$1,200.00 or Best-Offer

Mint Condition Nickelodeon Player Piano - Quarter Slot - Lots of Instruments

Time Left: 2d 10h 23m
$6,995.00 or Best-Offer

1891 Monington & Weston Piano

Time Left: 2d 11h 46m
$2,000.00 or Best-Offer

REDUCED Mason and Hamlin Style 208 Reed Organ, ca. 1876, electric blower

Time Left: 2d 12h 5m
$995.00 or Best-Offer

Ant Lupot Violin Bow Wood Round Shaft Beautiful Tip Frog & Winding

Time Left: 2d 12h 20m
$2,120.00 or Best-Offer

A Baltimore Chas.C.Stieff piano that was made in the 1800's serial number 37735

Time Left: 2d 12h 33m
$8,000.00 or Best-Offer

Antique bowlback mandolin unmarked for restoration

Time Left: 2d 13h 3m
$100.00 or Best-Offer

Victorian Rosewood Musical Box Collectors Item FREE SHIPPING!!

Time Left: 2d 13h 42m
$2,800.00 or Best-Offer

The Bell Harp Company ZITHER Harp Antique Music MANDOLIN GUITAR HARP Instrument.

Time Left: 2d 15h 27m
$125.00 or Best-Offer

Copy Of Antontius Stradivarius Made In Germany

Time Left: 2d 16h 45m
$125.00 or Best-Offer

good Strad copy VIOLIN ca. 1850 -- great sound & playability - properly set up

Time Left: 2d 17h
$1,250.00 or Best-Offer

Romanian made violin & case -- for Entry Level Quartet Play -- ready for trial

Time Left: 2d 17h 1m
$985.00 or Best-Offer

good 4/4 VIOLIN by Joxsef Simon -- properly set up & ready for trial, Returnable

Time Left: 2d 17h 1m
$1,450.00 or Best-Offer

Very Rare Antique 7-String Parlor Gipsy Guitar

Time Left: 2d 23h
$3,500.00 or Best-Offer

1915 Jan 15 WM F Mcintosh Hase drum possibly a dance band or military band

Time Left: 3d 11m
$500.00 or Best-Offer

Old Violin Vittorio Formaggia

Time Left: 3d 2h 55m
$7,588.41 or Best-Offer

ROUGH Old Worcester MA MASS Drum Frame w Label of S.R. Leland & Son 446 Main St

Time Left: 3d 3h 28m
$139.99 or Best-Offer

Antique House of Baldwin Upright Piano

Time Left: 3d 5h 5m
$880.00 or Best-Offer

1950's violin bow signer RICHARD GEIPEL (BI#MK/171103)

Time Left: 3d 6h 54m
$149.95 or Best-Offer

Heberlein Violin

Time Left: 3d 8h 20m
$2,300.00 or Best-Offer

E. J. Albert Bruxelles Clarinet & Leather Case Circa 1895-1920

Time Left: 3d 9h 11m
$199.00 or Best-Offer

Old French Violin Bow Stamped TOURTE By Louis Bazin1950 Raffin Certificate

Time Left: 3d 9h 13m
$4,500.00 or Best-Offer

Beautiful Antique Gruber Pump Organ

Time Left: 3d 9h 15m
$500.00 or Best-Offer

Rare Antique Zither, Model No. 1 by Phonoharp Company Patent 1891 With Case

Time Left: 3d 9h 32m
$165.00 or Best-Offer

Antique Geo. Cloos Crosby Rosewood Fife

Time Left: 3d 10h 48m
$125.00 or Best-Offer

Antique Late 19th century 29" Marching Band Bass Drum Topsham Maine Local Band

Time Left: 3d 10h 55m
$1,699.96 or Best-Offer

Antique English London Nicholson Early Flute Single Key Boxwood England

Time Left: 3d 11h 1m
$700.00 or Best-Offer

Antique Square Grand Piano Pre 1900 Chas M. Steiff Baltimore

Time Left: 3d 11h 50m
$3,199.99 or Best-Offer

1909 antique homemade guitar

Time Left: 3d 11h 53m
$15,000.00 or Best-Offer


Time Left: 3d 12h 12m
$1,400.00 or Best-Offer


Time Left: 3d 12h 20m
$950.00 or Best-Offer

Maggini Violin

Time Left: 3d 12h 34m
$3,500.00 or Best-Offer


Time Left: 3d 12h 54m
$850.00 or Best-Offer

Antique wooden organ.        Organ

Time Left: 3d 14h 3m
$800.00 or Best-Offer

Antique 19th Century Mandolin wood shell inlay guitar Czechoslovakia

Time Left: 3d 15h 38m
$222.00 or Best-Offer

Ernst Heinrish Roth Markneukirchen 1921 Antique German Violin Copie Stradivarius

Time Left: 3d 17h 25m
$6,900.00 or Best-Offer

Old Bandoneon Bandonion Accordion AA Alfred Arnold Zinc Reed plates. 142 tones

Time Left: 3d 18h 22m
$3,300.00 or Best-Offer

Antique Fratelli Vinaccia Napoli BowlBack Mandolin Lute Anno 1893 Paper Label

Time Left: 3d 18h 32m
$1,099.00 or Best-Offer

Very Rare Antique HARO INSTRUMENTS Made In Germany 6 STRING Soprano Uke UKULELE

Time Left: 3d 18h 32m
$239.99 or Best-Offer