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1854-1857 7 Vols The WORKS of MRS HEMAN with Memoir

Time Left: 11s
$591.89 or Best-Offer


Time Left: 18s
$250.00 or Best-Offer

1806 Johnson's Dictionary of the English Language Miniature Heathen Deities

Time Left: 20s
$144.68 or Best-Offer

1808-10 2vol Scott Lay Of The Last Minstrel And Marmion Tale Of Flodden Field

Time Left: 26s
$131.52 or Best-Offer

English 19th Century Book Of Common Prayer And New Testament, by Henry Frowde

Time Left: 32s
$199.00 or Best-Offer

1879 A Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid Scarce Plates

Time Left: 41s
$263.06 or Best-Offer

1956 A Genius at the Chalet School Elinor M Brent-Dyer First Edition Children's

Time Left: 55s
$105.22 or Best-Offer

1972 Life in England in Aquatint and Lithography J R Abbey Coloured Frontis

Time Left: 59s
$381.44 or Best-Offer

Peter Nicholson Carpenter’s New Guide Architecture Practical Geometry 1837

Time Left: 1m 1s
$350.00 or Best-Offer

1911 Poems Of TENNYSON Introduction T Herbert Warren County High School Ilford

Time Left: 1m 8s
$144.68 or Best-Offer

half a century of scottish deer stalking

Time Left: 1m 18s
$105.22 or Best-Offer

1956-1958 21Vol Learscailioct Eireann Ordnance Survey Maps for Ireland

Time Left: 1m 25s
$559.00 or Best-Offer

1847 Le Rime di Franceso Petrarca Antonio Marsand Life of the Author Petrarch So

Time Left: 1m 30s
$177.57 or Best-Offer

1914 Camille Maucair Florenz Mit Vierundachtzig Bildbeigaben Illustrated Florenc

Time Left: 1m 34s
$118.38 or Best-Offer

1825 3vols Life of JOHN BUNCLE by Thomas AMORY

Time Left: 1m 39s
$381.44 or Best-Offer

1782-1803 Four Plays The Jew Speed the Ploughy Mahomet and John Bull Cumberland

Time Left: 1m 44s
$131.52 or Best-Offer

c1895 2vol History of the Reign of Ferdinand and Isabella The Catholic W H Presc

Time Left: 1m 49s
$111.80 or Best-Offer

1853 2vol Brown's Roman and Greek Classical Literature Virgil Plato Kings Colleg

Time Left: 1m 57s
$105.22 or Best-Offer

Compton's Pictured Encyclopedia 1927 Complete set of 10 Volumes

Time Left: 2m 5s
$129.99 or Best-Offer

1865 Mrs. Beeton’s Dictionary of Every-Day Cookery

Time Left: 2m 34s
$350.00 or Best-Offer

1841 Contrasts Welby Pugin Gothic vs Victorian Architecture

Time Left: 2m 53s
$700.00 or Best-Offer

c1812 GREEN Plans of Economy the Road to Ease and Independence

Time Left: 2m 56s
$118.36 or Best-Offer

1885 3vol Memoirs of the Duke of Marlborough William Coxe New Edition John Wad

Time Left: 3m 1s
$486.66 or Best-Offer

1829 Modern Athens or Edinburgh in the Nineteenth Century Historical Topographic

Time Left: 3m 13s
$394.59 or Best-Offer

1801 The LITTLE MOUNTAINEERS Ducray-Dumenil trans.

Time Left: 3m 23s
$605.02 or Best-Offer

Welsh Classic 1862 Wild Wales George Borrow 1st Edition 3 Volumes

Time Left: 3m 24s
$300.00 or Best-Offer

1879 4vol Diary of John Evelyn BRAY letters Charles I Sir Edward Hyde

Time Left: 3m 28s
$644.50 or Best-Offer

1850 Tour on the Prairies IRVING Representative EMERSON

Time Left: 3m 33s
$105.21 or Best-Offer

A Voyage towards the North Pole by Constantine John Phipps 1774 (M)

Time Left: 3m 39s
$1,972.95 or Best-Offer

1884 5vols The Historical and Posthumous Memoirs Sir Nathaniel William Wraxall

Time Left: 3m 42s
$328.83 or Best-Offer

1958 La Semaine Sainte Louis Aragon Sangorski and Sutcliffe Binding

Time Left: 3m 46s
$315.67 or Best-Offer

1809 Leather The Life of Edward Lord Herbert of Chebery by Himself

Time Left: 3m 48s
$175.00 or Best-Offer

1820 12vol the Poetical Works of Walter Scott First Collected Edition

Time Left: 3m 55s
$651.07 or Best-Offer


Time Left: 3m 59s
$240.70 or Best-Offer

1896-97 2Vols Memorials of the Goldsmiths' Gleanings from their Records Prideaux

Time Left: 4m 13s
$184.14 or Best-Offer

1881 3vols The Adventures of Gil Blas of Santillane Illustrated Limited Ed Sage

Time Left: 4m 18s
$170.99 or Best-Offer

1888 The Ancient Register of North Elmham Norfolk From 1538 to AD 1631 A G Legge

Time Left: 4m 22s
$164.41 or Best-Offer

1684 Emblemes by Fra Quarles Illustrated Engravings Grotesque Emblems Francis

Time Left: 4m 32s
$854.95 or Best-Offer

1896-1900 9vol Traite De Chirurgie Clinique Et Operatoire A Le Dentu Pierre Delb

Time Left: 4m 36s
$256.48 or Best-Offer

1836 6vols Historical Memoirs of His Own Time and Posthumous Memoirs N W Wraxall

Time Left: 4m 46s
$447.20 or Best-Offer

1846 3Vol Chaucer's Romaunt of the Rose Pickering Edition

Time Left: 4m 56s
$368.28 or Best-Offer

1894 TRILBY By George du MAURIER First Edition Serial

Time Left: 5m 1s
$1,249.54 or Best-Offer

Early Printing Berleberg Bible Old Testament? Psalms 1730 Leather Rare

Time Left: 5m 12s
$500.00 or Best-Offer

1930 A Free Lance Angler in Ireland Signed 1st Edition Dedicated to HC Craddock

Time Left: 5m 19s
$328.83 or Best-Offer

1845 Antonio Perez et Philippe II M Mignet French Historical Work King Philip II

Time Left: 5m 28s
$105.22 or Best-Offer

1869 Familiar Quotations Being An Attempt To Trace To Their Source John Bartlett

Time Left: 5m 39s
$157.84 or Best-Offer

1817 - Narrative of the Expedition... South American Patriots.

Time Left: 5m 41s
$256.48 or Best-Offer

1909 Radford’s Portfolio of Plans Chicago Homebuilders

Time Left: 5m 41s
$225.00 or Best-Offer

1871 Scrambles Amongst the Alps in the Years 1860-69 by Edward Whymper

Time Left: 5m 43s
$460.36 or Best-Offer

Surveying: Theory & Practice, 2nd Ed., Davis, Foote & Rayner, 1934, McGraw-Hill

Time Left: 5m 46s
$180.00 or Best-Offer

1874-5 5vols The Invasion of Crimea Its Origin and an Account of its Progress

Time Left: 5m 52s
$453.78 or Best-Offer

Early Printing George Lord Lyttelton Dialogues of the Dead 1760 Social Satire

Time Left: 5m 56s
$225.00 or Best-Offer

c1900 Sartor Resartus Life and Opinons of Herr Teufelsdrockh Thomas Carlyle

Time Left: 5m 58s
$105.22 or Best-Offer

1897 ART Venus & Apollo PAINTING by W. J. STILLMAN

Time Left: 6m 18s
$205.17 or Best-Offer

1923 The Poetical Works of William WORDSWORTH Thomas Hutchinson

Time Left: 6m 22s
$105.21 or Best-Offer

C1892-1900 Personal Business Expenditure Ledger London Debenhams Freebody

Time Left: 6m 37s
$164.41 or Best-Offer

Early Printing History of the World 2nd volume Leather 1599

Time Left: 6m 41s
$850.00 or Best-Offer

1954 The Condor Crags Adventure Elinor M Brent-Dyer First Edition Frontispiece C

Time Left: 6m 42s
$388.01 or Best-Offer

1834 James Stark Picturesque Views On And Near The Eastern Coast Of England

Time Left: 6m 47s
$394.59 or Best-Offer

1824 Family Worship A Course of Morning and Evening Prayers for Every Day James

Time Left: 6m 53s
$144.68 or Best-Offer

Don Juan Cantos 1 & 2 by Lord Byron - First Edition 1819 Scarce Quarto Format

Time Left: 7m 4s
$450.00 or Best-Offer

Lost Horizon Signed James Hilton First Edition

Time Left: 7m 37s
$250.00 or Best-Offer

1923 Thomas James Wise The Ashley Library Catalogue Volume X Limited Edition

Time Left: 8m 1s
$131.53 or Best-Offer

Richard Garnett Confessions of an English Opium Eater ** SIGNED **

Time Left: 8m 3s
$263.06 or Best-Offer

RUBAIYAT OF OMAR KHAYYAM, Edward Fitzgerald w/ Edmund Dulac Illustrations [1904]

Time Left: 8m 4s
$101.96 or Best-Offer

Ben Tucker - Winston Churchill, His Life in Pictures, first and limited edition

Time Left: 8m 5s
$130.00 or Best-Offer

Antique 1849 Paley Moral Political Philosophy Harper

Time Left: 8m 21s
$299.99 or Best-Offer

1794 Memoirs of the Forty-Five First Years of The Life of J Lackington Eighth ed

Time Left: 8m 23s
$144.68 or Best-Offer

1950 Fardingales Elinor M Brent-Dyer First Edition Novel Children's Devon Advent

Time Left: 8m 27s
$289.37 or Best-Offer

Double Fore Edge Painting Geo Crabbe Gauffering Leather Provenance H Erskine

Time Left: 8m 27s
$800.00 or Best-Offer

1856 The Poetical Works Lyrical and Dramatic Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 6th Ed

Time Left: 8m 32s
$124.95 or Best-Offer

Cook's Own Book Boston Housekeeper 1832 first edition recipes confectionery

Time Left: 8m 34s
$1,500.00 or Best-Offer

1892 The Life of An Actor Pierce Egan Colour Plates Theodore Lane

Time Left: 8m 41s
$276.21 or Best-Offer


Time Left: 8m 46s
$109.17 or Best-Offer

1855 3Vol R Madden The Literary Life and Correspondence Countess of Blessington

Time Left: 8m 55s
$163.10 or Best-Offer

1901 Universal Classics Library Improvement Of The Understanding Autographed #72

Time Left: 9m
$215.00 or Best-Offer

1853 Thomas Moore Lalla Rookh An Oriental Romance Leather Binding Vignette Title

Time Left: 9m 5s
$118.38 or Best-Offer

1787 2vols Memoirs of the Protectoral-House of Cromwell by Mark Noble Second Ed

Time Left: 9m 13s
$315.67 or Best-Offer

1922 Signed First Edition HUNTERS OF THE GREAT NORTH Vilhjalmur Stefansson

Time Left: 9m 14s
$224.99 or Best-Offer

** Signed ** Samuel Goldberg Fighter In a Naphtha Ring First Ed 1967

Time Left: 9m 15s
$245.96 or Best-Offer

Low Rent Magazine 1 - First Issue

Time Left: 9m 23s
$650.00 or Best-Offer

1890 2Vols Translated By John Addington Symonds The Memoirs of Count Carlo Gozzi

Time Left: 9m 33s
$473.51 or Best-Offer

1739 3vol A Defence of Natural Revealed Religion Lectures Robert Boyle Scarce

Time Left: 9m 38s
$1,249.54 or Best-Offer

1927 Katherine Ball First Edition Decorative Motives Oriental Art Six Hundred

Time Left: 9m 52s
$151.26 or Best-Offer

Homewood Cemetery 1878-1905 Rules Regulations and General Information

Time Left: 9m 56s
$150.00 or Best-Offer

1773 Jean-Francois Marmontel Belisarius English Translation Full Calf

Time Left: 9m 57s
$506.39 or Best-Offer


Time Left: 10m 52s
$1,850.00 or Best-Offer

TESTAMENT OF FRIENDSHIP Vera Brittain SIGNED 1st Edition/1st Printing 1940 RARE

Time Left: 11m 41s
$249.95 or Best-Offer

THE SAND PEBBLES Richard McKenna 1st Edition/1st Printing 1962

Time Left: 11m 41s
$149.95 or Best-Offer

THE ULTIMATE GOOD LUCK Richard Ford RARE 1st Edition/1st Print 1981 High Grade

Time Left: 11m 41s
$184.95 or Best-Offer

RUNNING SCARED Gregory McDonald RARE 1st Edition 1964 Author's First Book HC/DJ

Time Left: 11m 41s
$124.95 or Best-Offer

RALPH 124c 41+ Hugo Gernsback Gorgeous 2nd Edition, 1st Printing VERY SCARCE

Time Left: 11m 41s
$124.95 or Best-Offer

POSTCARDS Annie Proulx True 1st/1st 1992 Scibners Hardcover - Scarce High Grade

Time Left: 11m 41s
$174.95 or Best-Offer


Time Left: 11m 41s
$199.95 or Best-Offer

LIANA Martha Gellhorn 1st Edition/1st Printing 1944 Hemingway's Wife F/NF

Time Left: 11m 41s
$124.95 or Best-Offer


Time Left: 12m 52s
$260.00 or Best-Offer

1865 2vols A Summer in Skye First Edition Alexander Smith Scottish Literature

Time Left: 13m 54s
$124.95 or Best-Offer

c1853 Reveries of a Bachelor Ike Marvel Illustrated Novel

Time Left: 14m 8s
$184.14 or Best-Offer

1894 Robert Ball High Heavens Nineteenth Century Astronomy Solar System Planets

Time Left: 14m 13s
$184.14 or Best-Offer

1817 The History of Rasselas Prince of Abyssinia Samuel Johnson Richard Westall

Time Left: 14m 17s
$184.14 or Best-Offer