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December 4, 2017

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November 3, 2017

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March 29, 2017

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December 7, 2016

Harry Potter Typo's Worth $26,000

August 24, 2016

Shopify Launches Flea Market Finder & Notification System

July 28, 2016

Teacher Quits Job to Sell Pokemon Go Characters on eBay Full-Time

July 25, 2016

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July 16, 2016

Former Banker Makes $8,000 a month reselling Returned Products on eBay

July 1, 2016

How One Man Sold $3 Million in Video Games in 1-Year (Online)

June 29, 2016

HOT - How To Spot Vintage Ray-Bans | Some Styles Fetch $500 - Video

June 22, 2016

HOT - Vintage Video Games Worth Thousands on eBay

May 31, 2016

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May 25, 2016

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May 14, 2016

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May 12, 2016

How To Get Paid up to 80% for items without selling, packing, or shipping

May 10, 2016

SELLING - Craigslist vs. eBay: Where to Sell Common Items

April 13, 2016

BUY LOW - Profitable Flea Market Buying Tips

March 1, 2016

SIX-FIGURE Secrets of Dumpster Diving Pros

February 11, 2016

$60 BILLION - Value of Shipwreck Treasures Still To Be Found

January 20, 2016
How To Find Out if your Home has a Hidden Treasure

Learn how homeowners have unearthed sizable sums of cash, gold, and jewelry hidden in their homes by checking... Read Article

Source: - October 11, 2015


Orange Coast
Made $30,000 with One-Pair of Old Levi's on eBay

Vintage denim treasure hunter Michael Harris (author; ‘Jeans of the Old West') reveals how he made $30,000 from one pair of old Levi's. Article

Source: Orange Coast - Added by WSB September 25, 2015


How To Boost Profits 2,000% through Storytelling

Article provides examples of how some sellers have boosted profits more than 2,000 percent through the art of storytelling... Read Article

Source: Antique Trader - September 15, 2015


How To See Best-Offer Sold Prices on eBay

Free one minute video demonstrates an easy way to see the Best Offer (sold) price accepted for an eBay item... See Video

Source: YouTube / vwestlife - Added by WSB August 21, 2015


5-Profitable Things to look for on the back of Paintings

Article from Christie's Auction house provides (profitable) advice about things to look for on the backs of paintings... Article

Source: Christie's - July 28, 2015


The Mirror
eBay Millionaires: Biggest Online Sellers Revealed

List of top (UK) eBay sellers reveals what they have in common, who they are, and tips to follow in their footsteps... article

Source: Daily Mirror - July 22, 2015


How to Spot & Avoid Fake Art

James Martin, founder of Orion Analytical, and one of the FBI’s go-to specialists for sniffing out forgeries in the art market, provides tips for spotting art fakes.

Source: Barron's - Added by WSB July 17, 2015


4-Ways eBay Pros are Striking It Rich at Estate Sales

Article provides tips from eBay pros who are finding rare treasures hidden in the clutter at weekend estate sales... ... Article

Source: Forbes - June 24, 2014


Portland Press Herald
SOURCING - Safe Craigslist Sales at Police Stations

Some police stations nationwide have began offering their lobby's as Safety Zone's to help protect victims of criminals posing as Craigslist buyers or sellers... Article

Source: Portland Press Herald - Added by WSB June 15, 2015


SOURCING - Spot Fake Sealed Classic Video Games

Vintage video games still sealed in original packaging can be extremely valuable, especially if they're rare. This article and video provide tips for detecting faked sealed packaging. (Video)

Source: Racket Boy - Added by WSB June 12, 2015


SOURCING - How To Buy & Sell Fashion on eBay

A leading fashion magazine offers expert advice for buying and selling clothing safely on eBay. Includes tips for avoiding counterfeit items and the best days to post items for the highest price.

Source: Glamour - Added by WSB June 3, 2015


SOURCING - How To 'Dumpster Dive' $250,000 a Year

A professional Dumpster-Diver reveals a unique strategy for earning "at least $250,000 a year" by targeting specific types of dumpster's. Just make sure you know your local Dumpster Diving Laws.

Source: Wired - Added by WSB June 1, 2015


SOURCING - International Flea Market Directory

Online directory for flea markets worldwide. 23 countries including the U.S., Canada, S. America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Source: - Added by WSB March 27, 2015


AWARDS - The Best Places To Sell Online in 2015

Results from the 2015 Sellers Choice Award where (12,000) sellers rated the top online marketplaces for profitability and ease of use.

Source: EcommerceBytes - Added by WSB March 25, 2015


SOURCING - "Haunted" Dolls Can Fetch Big Bids

Article on the lucrative market selling 'haunted' dolls. Includes eBay guide, tips, and warnings for dealing in "haunted" items.

Source: Inquisitr - Added by WSB March 17, 2015


Daily Finance
SOURCING - How To Make Money at Thrift Stores

Article discusses big treasure finds and provides tips for spotting valuable treasures in thrift stores like Goodwill, and Salvation Army.

Source: Daily Finance - Added by WSB March 11, 2015


SELLING - Facebook Adds New Way To Sell Items

Facebook announces new way for members to sell items, in effort to become an alternative to Craigslist and eBay for selling.

Source: Tech Crunch - February 11, 2015


Ultimate Guide for Selling Tickets on eBay for Profit

Interesting free guide written by an eBay seller who's been buying and selling tickets on eBay for profit, for 8-years.

Source: eBay - Added by WSB January 23, 2015


How to Make Money Selling Used Books Online

Article offers tips for a variety of methods for finding, buying, and selling used books (for profit) online.

Source: Cheat Sheet - January 19, 2015

Stolen Art Database Launched by

New international database developed by art market professionals and law enforcement, tracks stolen and disputed cultural objects.

Source: ArtClaim - January 19, 2015


Wall Street Journal
Will Cuba Be The Next Hot Market For Art?

Some art collectors are predicting a ‘stampede’ to Cuba with the U.S. and Cuba restoring diplomatic ties.

Source: Wall Street Journal - December 19, 2014


15 Children’s Books Worth More Than Your Car

A list of high-value titles to remember... next time you stumble upon vintage children's books while out treasure hunting.

Source: eBay - December 15, 2014


Gloucestershire Echo
Flipping Everyday Coins for Profit on eBay

Article examines sellers cashing in on everyday coins they've sold to collectors, for sometimes 1,000 per cent more than their face value.

Source: Gloucestershire Echo - December 29, 2014


Shoe Profits - An Inside Look at 'Sneaker Flipping'

Article takes an inside look at (Air Jordan) sneaker flippers and their business model.

Source: BBC - December 19, 2014


Cancelled 'Interview' Posters Fetching $550 on eBay

Posters from Sony Pictures canceled film “The Interview” are selling on eBay for as much as $550. See "Interview" posters sold on eBay today.

Source: Huffington Post - December 18, 2014

Tips for Avoiding Forgeries (Video)

Experts from Heritage Auctions provide tips for avoiding forgeries and authenticating genuine treasures.

Source: Heritage Auctions - Added by WSB December 9, 2014

4-Tips for Collecting Antique Toy Banks (Video)

Michael Bertoia of Bertoia Auctions gives four tips for identifying and collecting the rare antique toy banks.

Source: Live Auctioneers - December 8, 2014


Stars for Streetlights
Pawn King - An Inside Look at the Pawn Business

Article takes an inside look at pawn shops, their business model, and unique profit strategies.

Source: The Atlantic - December 4, 2014


Stars for Streetlights
10-Tips for Thrifting (How to Find Vintage Treasure)

Article offers 10 tips for finding valuable vintage treasures hidden in the nooks and crannies of thrift stores.

Source: Stars for Streetlights - Added by WSB October 24, 2014


The Telegraph
How to Spot an Art Fake

Author Philip Mould (The Art Detective: Adventures of an Antiques Roadshow Appraiser) offers tips for detecting fake paintings from real works of art. (Video)

Source: The Telegraph - Added by WSB October 17, 2014


10-Tips for Treasure Hunting at Flea Markets

Author Maureen Stanton (Killer Stuff and Tons of Money) offers 10 tips for finding valuable antiques and hidden flea market gems. (Audio)

Source: NPR - Added by WSB October 10, 2014


Yahoo Travel
7-Places You Can Find Buried Treasure

Story details 7-places from around the world, where you can actually find buried treasure... and keep it.

Source: Yahoo Travel - September 18, 2014


History Channel
Pawn Stars: How to Spot a Fake Rolex (Video)

Pawn Stars, Rick Harris, reveals some easy and foolproof ways to spot a fake Rolex watch.

Source: History Channel - Added by WSB September 4, 2014


Antique Trader
Ten Things You Didn’t Know: Thimbles

Article discusses a wide variety of rare thimbles, including a thimble which sold for $20,000. May help spot future thimble treasures.

Source: Antique Trader - May 29, 2014


Money Magazine
9-Ways to Score Big at a Yard Sale

Story discusses 9 ways to shop a yard sale like a pro. Strategies to help you spot the treasures among the castoffs.

Source: Money Magazine - August 29, 2014


Money Magazine
5-Tips for Investing in Piggy Banks

Article reveals 5 tips for starting an investment-worthy collection of piggy banks.

Source: - June 12, 2014