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Top Treasures Found (Worldwide)

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VIDEO: How 10 Treasure Hunters turned $500 into $200 million, shopping garage sales... What They Bought







FOUND - Car in Pieces may get $1.5 Million

LONDON, UK - A 1928 Bentley (1 of 8 made) reassembled after it was found dismantled and scattered in a house and garden, is expected to fetch up to $1.5 million (£1 million) for the Medcalf Collection.

Source: The Telegraph - September 3, 2015


UPI Story
FOUND - $1 Million in Cards in Abandoned Building

DETROIT, MICHIGAN, USA - Boxes of untouched vintage sports cards have been discovered in an abandoned Detroit warehouse. The estimated value of the treasure trove is $1 million.

Source: Sports Illustrated - August 21, 2015


UPI Story
FOUND - $1 Billion in Gold Discovered in Train Tunnel?

WROCLAW , POLAND - Two men claim to have found a mysterious train loaded with $1 billion in Nazi gold. The train was reportedly abandoned in a hidden tunnel in Poland at the end of World War II.

Source: UPI - August 20, 2015


CBS News
FOUND - $4.5 Million in 18th Century Shipwreck

FLORIDA COAST, USA - Spanish gold valued at $4.5 million has been discovered in six feet of water at the site of an 18th century shipwreck. The treasure was found by the Queens Jewels Salvage Company.

Source: CBS News - August 19, 2015


Huffington Post
FOUND - $17,000 Gold Bar by Girl Swimming in Lake

GERMANY - A teenage girl swimming in Koenigssee lake discovered a gold bar worth approximately $17,000. The gold bar was located six feet below the waters surface.

Source: Huffington Post - August 12, 2015


Love of the Game Auctions
SOLD - $436,970 for Rare Baseball Bat found in home

NEW YORK, NY, USA - A family discovered an old baseball bat they kept around the house for 'protection' once belonged to Lou Gehrig. The bat fetched $436,970 when sold by Love of the Game Auctions.

Source: Love of the Game Auctions - August 9, 2015


Art Daily SOLD - $413,000 for Cup Found in Sunken Treasure

NEW YORK, USA - A gold cup (chalice) from the famous $450 million Atocha sunken treasure found by Mel Fisher, fetched $413,000 (after buyers premium). The cup sold by Guernsey's Auctions.

Source: Art Daily - August 6, 2015


Art Daily
FOUND - $1.5 Million for Painting used as Bulletin Board

LONDON, UK - A rare painting by Irma Stern, discovered in an apartment being used as a bulletin board, is expected to fetch up to $1.5 million when it's sold by Bonhams on September 9, 2015.

Source: Art Daily - July 23, 2015


SOLD - $179,000 for Baseball Card in Old Box

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA - An 1860s Brooklyn Atlantics team baseball card discovered inside an old chocolate box has fetched $179,000 at Heritage Auctions.

Source: - July 31, 2015


FOUND - $1 Million in Sunken Treasure

FLORIDA COAST, USA - The Schmitt family found $1 million in sunken treasure (gold and artifacts), thought to be from one of eleven Spanish treasure ships which sank on July 31, 1715.

Source: CBS News - July 28, 2015


SOLD - $33 Million for Unwanted Statue Flip

SLOVAKIA - An art dealer made a $26,000 gamble on a marble bust of Pope Paul V which turned out to be a Bernini (1598 - 1680). The dealer sold the bust for $33 million to the Getty Museum.

Source: artnet - July 27, 2015


Crocker Farms
SOLD - $92,000 for $1 Yard Sale Jug

SPARKS, MARYLAND, USA - An antique (circa 1860) stoneware face jug purchased at a yard sale for $1.50 has fetched $92,000 at auction. The jug was sold by Crocker Farms.

Source: Antiques and the Arts - July 22, 2015


ABC News
FOUND - $90 Thrift Store Painting May Be Worth Millions

HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA - A man bought a painting in a thrift store for $90 which is thought to have been painted by Sigmar Polke (1941 - 2010). Authenticated, the painting could be worth $2 - $7 million.

Source: ABC News - July 21, 2015


International Business Times
FOUND - $49,000 in Gold by Novice Archaeologist

GERMANY - A novice archeologist has stumbled upon 217 Nazi-era gold coins. The coins were estimated to be worth around 45,000 euros, or more than $49,000.

Source: International Business Times - July 15, 2015


Art Daily
SOLD - $53,000 for Ring Found with Metal Detector

LEICESTERSHIRE, UK - A 15th-century love or marriage ring discovered with a metal detector, has fetched $53,900 (£35,000) at auction. The ring was sold by Sotheby’s.

Source: Art Daily - July 8, 2015


Fife Today
FOUND - Million Dollar Painting Discovered in Attic

KIRKCALDY, SCOTLAND - A man found an oil painting in his attic which may have been painted by Pablo Picasso. The painting, sent to Christie’s for appraisal, is thought to be worth millions if authenticated.

Source: Fife Today - June 25, 2015


Bold Ride
SOLD - $934,000 for Bugatti Found in Barn

FRANCE - A rare 1925 Bugatti Brescia discovered in a French barn was estimated to be worth $280,000 at auction. The car was sold for $934,000 (834,400 euros) by Artcurial Motorcars.

Source: Classic Driver (Photo: Bold Ride) - June 22, 2015


Art Daily
SOLD - $133,685 for Painting Found at Flea Market

SYDNEY, AUSTRAILIA - A 1936 painting entitled; 'Basket of Fruit' by the Australian artist John Wardell Power was found at a flea market and fetched $133,685 at auction. The painting was sold by Bonhams.

Source: Art Daily - June 18, 2015


The Washington Post
FOUND - $1 Million for Dusty Sculpture Discovery

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA, USA - The University of Virginia found a dusty sculpture by Harry Bertoia in storage and sold it for $1 million. The sale funded a doctoral program for the school.

Source: The Washington Post - June 11, 2015


Rolling Stone
FOUND - $600,000 Beatles Guitar Discovery

NEW YORK, NY, USA - A guitar, bought for a few hundred dollars has been identified as a Gibson J-160 once belonging to John Lennon. It's expected to fetch $600,000 when it's sold by Julien's in November.

Source: Rolling Stone - June 8, 2015


South China Morning Post

FOUND - $11,000 Nugget by Canadian in Scotland

SCOTLAND - A Canadian man has found a gold nugget valued at $11,000 (€10,000). According to the story, he initially he didn't recognize the gold and nearly threw it away.

Source: The Huffington Post - June 5, 2015


South China Morning Post
FOUND - $240,000 Flawed Chinese Banknote

CHINA - A Chinese employee who received a rare flawed 100 yuan bank note in his wages pack, was surprised to learn the flawed note may be worth up to $240,000 (1.5 million yuan) to collectors.

Source: South China Morning Post - June 4, 2015


Bold Ride
FOUND - $200,000 Apple Computer in Scrap Pile

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA - A recycling company found a rare Apple compter in their e-waste pile which they sold for $200,000. The company is trying to locate the owner to give them $100,000.

Source: USA Today - June 1, 2015


FOUND - $28,988 for Rare Bottle Discovery on eBay

ONLINE - A rare (1863) Kelly's 'Old Cabin' Bitters Bottle, discovered while cleaning out a home, has sold for $28,988. The bottle was sold in an eBay auction.

Source: eBay - May 4, 2015


Washington Post
FOUND - $500,000 Car Collection in Texas Barn

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA - Five rare cars worth as much as $500,000 have been discovered (untouched for four decades) inside a Texas barn. The cars will be sold by Motostalgia Auctions on June 12.

Source: Washington Post - May 7, 2015


Ultimate Motorcycling
PAID - $420,000 for $15 Motorcycle

STAFFORD, UK - A 1939 Vincent HRD Series-A Rapide, bought for $15 (£10) on the way to the scrap yard, has sold for $420,000 (£275,900). The motorcycle was sold by Bonhams.

Source: Ultimate Motorcycling - April 27, 2015


Antique Roadshow
FOUND - $75,000 William R. Leigh Painting

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA, USA - A 1917 painting by William R. Leigh (1866 - 1955), entitled "Drying Corn," was discovered during an Antique Roadshow valuation. The painting is valued at $75,000.

Source: Antique Roadshow - April 27, 2015


Antique Roadshow
FOUND - $150,000 Scrimshaw Whale Tooth

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA, USA - A 19th century scrimshaw whale tooth engraved by Fred Myrick was discovered during an Antique Roadshow valuation. The tooth is valued at $150,000 - $200,000.

Source: Antique Roadshow - April 27, 2015


Garage Sale Treasures
FOUND - $200 Million from 10 Garage Sales

How 10 Treasure Hunters turned $500 into $200 million, shopping garage sales... Read More

Source: What Sells Best - April 23, 2015


CNN FOUND - $20,000 Diamond Discovered in Park

MURFREESBORO, ARKANSAS, USA - A women exploring the fields at Crater of Diamonds State Park discovered 3.69-carat white diamond. Some media sources have valued the diamond as high as $20,000.

Source: CNN - April 27, 2015


Antique Roadshow FOUND - $260,000 for Vintage Photo Set

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA, USA - A set of four Edward Weston photographs dated 1936-1939 were discovered during an Antique Roadshow valuation. The photos are valued as high as $260,000.

Source: Antique Roadshow - April 20, 2015


Photo: The Langley Collection
FOUND - $50 Million in Sunken Treasure

ATLANTIC - A $50 million (£34 million) coin hoard has been located 480 miles south of St Helena. The 100-ton treasure was aboard the SS City of Cairo when it was sunk by German U-boat in 1942.

Source: Daily Mail - April 15, 2015


Dukes Auctioneers
FOUND - $83,000 Coin Discovered During Valuation

DORSET, UK - A £1 English Civil War coin (circa 1643) discovered during an auction valuation by Duke's Auctioneers has sold for $83,000 (£56,000 after premium). The coin was also sold by Duke's.

Source: Story - Daily Echo / Photos - Dukes Auctioneers - April 2, 2015


Photo: The Langley Collection
FOUND - $29 Million for King's Bed left in Parking Lot

CHESTER, UK - A 15th century bed, left in a parking lot and bought at auction for £2,200, is identified by DNA test to belong to King Henry VII. Value is estimated to be $29 million (£20 million)... See More

Source: Story - Daily Mail / Photos - The Langley Collection - April 2, 2015


FOUND - $358,500 for 1931 'Frankenstein' Poster

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA - A 1931 Frankenstein movie poster found in a boarded up projection room as sold for $358,500 at auction. The poster was sold by Heritage Auctions.

Source: What Sells Best - March 30, 2015


Auto World News
FOUND - $63,912 for Car Discovered in Barn

SOUTHERN, UK - A James Bond-like Aston Martin DBS found in a barn and identified as last off the production line in 1972, is expected to fetch $63,912. The car was sold March 10 by COYS auctions.

Source: Auto World News - March 14, 2015


FOUND - $10,000 Possible for 50¢ Yard Sale Painting

BATESVILLE, INDIANA, USA - A 50¢ yard sale painting isfound to be from Chicago's famed Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts, may fetch $10,000. Leslie Hindman Auctioneers will sell it in May.

Story Source: WBAL TV - March 13, 2015


Peter Wilson Fine Art Auctioneers LLP
FOUND - $64,000 Cup discovered in $150 Pottery Buy

NANTWHICH, UK - A 266-year-old Chelsea porcelain cup found in a $150 pottery buy, has sold for $64,000 (£44,400) after buyer premium. The cup was sold by Peter Wilson Fine Art Auctioneers.

Story Source: Daily Mail / Image: Peter Wilson Auctioneers - March 13, 2015


Coin Week
FOUND - $98,000 Nugget by Australian Prospector

INGLEWOOD, AUSTRAILIA - An 87-ounce solid gold nugget has been found by a prospector armed with a metal detector. The nugget value has been estimated at $98,000 ($130,000 AUD).

Source: Coin Week - March 3, 2015


The Huffington Post
FOUND - Treasure Trove Discovered in Celtic Tomb

FRANCE - An elaborate tomb thought to belong to a Celtic prince has been discovered by archaeologists. The burial site is reportedly a trove of ancient artifacts and treasures, including a chariot.

Source: The Huffington Post - March 9, 2015


Archaeological Institute of America
FOUND - $76,000 Pendant with Metal Detector

DISS, NORFOLK, UK - An archaeology student with a metal detector discovered an Anglo-Saxon grave on farmland and found a rare pendant. UK news reports value the pendant at $76,000 (£50,000).

Source: Archaeological Institute of America - February 27, 2015


FOUND - $43,020 Lombardi Sweater in 58¢ Goodwill bin

WEST ASHERVILLE, N. CAROLINA, USA - A couple found Vince Lombardi's sweater at a Goodwill for 58 cents. The sweater sold for $43,020 at Heritage Auctions on February 21st.

Source: CBS News - February 22, 2015


FOUND - $179,000 Shoeless Joe Photo in Scrapbook

CLEVELAND, OHIO, USA - A rare signed photo of Shoeless Joe Jackson found in a scrapbook has sold for $179,000. The photo was sold through Heritage Auctions.

Source: WYFF 4 - February 22, 2015


New York Daily News
FOUND - $80,000 Bronze Cat Nearly Tossed in Trash

PENZANCE, UK - A 2,500-year-old Egyptian Cat Sculpture that was nearly thrown in the trash has sold for $80,000. The cat was was spotted during a home valuation and sold by David Lay Auctions.

Source: New York Daily News - February 22, 2015


FOUND - $10,000 Pearl Discovered in Seafood Stew

SWAMPSCOTT, MASSACHUSETTS, USA - A policeman discovered a rare lavender pearl, weighing more than six carats in his seafood stew. The pearl's expected to fetch $10-15,000 in a Kaminski Auction.

Source: CBS - February 19, 2015


FOUND - $35,000 Watch Bought for $5.99 at Goodwill

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA - A man purchased a rare 1959 LeCoultre Deep Sea Alarm Watch at a Goodwill for $5.99. Then received $35,000 for it, in a private sale to a vintage watch dealer.

Source: Hodinkee - February 17, 2015


Antique Roadshow
FOUND - $250,000 Tribal Mask Set

BISMARK, NORTH DAKOTA, USA - A pair of valuable 1700s mask from the Tlingit tribe were discovered during an Antique Roadshow episode. The mask have been valued at $250,000.

Source: Antique Roadshow - February 16, 2015


PR Web
FOUND - $500,000 for Stamps Discovered in Attic

COTSWOLDS, UK - Rare Chinese (candarin) stamps found after collecting dust in an attic for more than 100 years, are expected to fetch $500,000 at an upcomming Kelleher auction.

Source: PR Web - February 17, 2015


NBC News
FOUND - $15 Million for Magna Carta in Scrapbook

KENT COUNTY, UK - An early damaged copy of the Magna Carta has been found in a Victorian scrapbook in the UK. The discovery is thought to be valued at $15 million according to the History Channel.

Source: NBC News - February 9, 2015


Auto Week
FOUND - $18.5 Million for Rusting Car in Barn

WESTERN FRANCE - A rare 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder found rusting under a pile of old magazines in a French barn, has sold for $18.5 million.

Source: Auto Week - February 11, 2015


FOUND - $255,000 Nugget by Chinese Herdsman

XINJIANG, CHINA - A 17-pound gold nugget has been found by a herdsman in China’s remote far west. The Nation reports the nuggets value has been estimated at $255,000.

Source: Time - February 6, 2015


The Dorset Echo
FOUND - $15,000 Expected for Medals

DORCHESTER, UK - A pair of 18th century Russian medals, valued at $15,000 were found during an auctioneers auction valuation. The medals will be sold by Duke’s auctioneers.

Source: The Dorset Echo - January 30, 2015


The Daily Mail
FOUND - $5.2 Million for Discovered Painting

NEW YORK, USA - A painting purchased for $5,000 (£3,500) in 2013, was later identified as an unknown John Constable and sold for $5.2 million (£3.5 million). The painting was sold by Sotheby's

Source: The Daily Mail - January 29, 2015


FOUND - $1 Million Expected for Roadster in Barn

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, USA - A rare 1964 Shelby 289 Cobra discovered in a Vermont barn is expected to fetch $1 million when it sells . The car will be sold by Gooding & Company (Jan 16-17).

Source: Market Watch - January 15, 2015


FOUND - $500,000 Painting Purchased for $100

NEW YORK, USA - A landscape painting that was purchased for $100, was identified on PBS Antiques Roadshow as a Joseph Kleitsch painting valued at $500,000.

Source: AOL - January 13, 2015


$807,000 for Rare Vase Found During Free Appraisal

WEST SUSSEX, UK - A rare Qianlong Chinese vase discovered by a free online appraisal, has sold for $807,000 (£520,000). The vase was sold by Toovey's.

Source: What Sells Best - January 5, 2015


The Daily Mail
Rare Baseball Cards Worth $1 Million

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA - A collection of rare baseball items (cards and signatures) has been valued at $1 million. The discovery happened on last night's episode of Antiques Roadshow.

Source: The Daily Mail - January 6, 2015


The Daily Mail
$1.6 Million in Coins Found with Metal Detector

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, UK - A 1,000-year-old hoard of Anglo Saxon coins valued $1.5 Million (£1 Million) was discovered by an amateur treasure hunter with a metal detector.

Source: The Daily Mail - January 2, 2015