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Top Treasures Found (Worldwide)

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VIDEO: How 10 Treasure Hunters turned $500 into $200 million, shopping garage sales... What They Bought (embed)







Bold Ride
FOUND - $280,000 Bugatti in French Barn

FRANCE - A rare 1925 Bugatti Brescia, estimated to be worth as much as $280,000 has been discovered in a French barn. The car will be sold at auction by Artcurial Motorcars on June 22.

Source: Bold Ride - May 14, 2015


FOUND - $28,988 for Rare Bottle Discovery on eBay

ONLINE - A rare (1863) Kelly's 'Old Cabin' Bitters Bottle, discovered while cleaning out a home, has sold for $28,988. The bottle was sold in an eBay auction.

Source: eBay - May 4, 2015


State Library and Archives of Florida
FOUND - $100,000 Lou Gehrig Bat

NEW YORK, NY, USA - A famil
y has discovered an old baseball bat kept around the house for 'protection' once belonged to Lou Gehrig. The Bat's expected to fetch up to $100,000 at auction this Summer.

Source: Tech Times - May 8, 2015


Washington Post
FOUND - $500,000 Car Collection in Texas Barn

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA - Five rare cars worth as much as $500,000 have been discovered (untouched for four decades) inside a Texas barn. The cars will be sold by Motostalgia Auctions on June 12.

Source: Washington Post - May 7, 2015


Ultimate Motorcycling
PAID - $420,000 for $15 Motorcycle

STAFFORD, UK - A 1939 Vincent HRD Series-A Rapide, bought for $15 (£10) on the way to the scrap yard, has sold for $420,000 (£275,900). The motorcycle was sold by Bonhams.

Source: Ultimate Motorcycling - April 27, 2015


Antique Roadshow
FOUND - $75,000 William R. Leigh Painting

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA, USA - A 1917 painting by William R. Leigh (1866 - 1955), entitled "Drying Corn," was discovered during an Antique Roadshow valuation. The painting is valued at $75,000.

Source: Antique Roadshow - April 27, 2015


Antique Roadshow
FOUND - $150,000 Scrimshaw Whale Tooth

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA, USA - A 19th century scrimshaw whale tooth engraved by Fred Myrick was discovered during an Antique Roadshow valuation. The tooth is valued at $150,000 - $200,000.

Source: Antique Roadshow - April 27, 2015


Garage Sale Treasures
FOUND - $200 Million from 10 Garage Sales

How 10 Treasure Hunters turned $500 into $200 million, shopping garage sales... Read More

Source: What Sells Best - April 23, 2015


CNN FOUND - $20,000 Diamond Discovered in Park

MURFREESBORO, ARKANSAS, USA - A women exploring the fields at Crater of Diamonds State Park discovered 3.69-carat white diamond. Some media sources have valued the diamond as high as $20,000.

Source: CNN - April 27, 2015


Antique Roadshow FOUND - $260,000 for Vintage Photo Set

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA, USA - A set of four Edward Weston photographs dated 1936-1939 were discovered during an Antique Roadshow valuation. The photos are valued as high as $260,000.

Source: Antique Roadshow - April 20, 2015


Photo: The Langley Collection
FOUND - $50 Million in Sunken Treasure

ATLANTIC - A $50 million (£34 million) coin hoard has been located 480 miles south of St Helena. The 100-ton treasure was aboard the SS City of Cairo when it was sunk by German U-boat in 1942.

Source: Daily Mail - April 15, 2015


Dukes Auctioneers
FOUND - $83,000 Coin Discovered During Valuation

DORSET, UK - A £1 English Civil War coin (circa 1643) discovered during an auction valuation by Duke's Auctioneers has sold for $83,000 (£56,000 after premium). The coin was also sold by Duke's.

Source: Story - Daily Echo / Photos - Dukes Auctioneers - April 2, 2015


Photo: The Langley Collection
FOUND - $29 Million for King's Bed left in Parking Lot

CHESTER, UK - A 15th century bed, left in a parking lot and bought at auction for £2,200, is identified by DNA test to belong to King Henry VII. Value is estimated to be $29 million (£20 million)... See More

Source: Story - Daily Mail / Photos - The Langley Collection - April 2, 2015


FOUND - $358,500 for 1931 'Frankenstein' Poster

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA - A 1931 Frankenstein movie poster found in a boarded up projection room as sold for $358,500 at auction. The poster was sold by Heritage Auctions.

Source: What Sells Best - March 30, 2015


Auto World News
FOUND - $63,912 for Car Discovered in Barn

SOUTHERN, UK - A James Bond-like Aston Martin DBS found in a barn and identified as last off the production line in 1972, is expected to fetch $63,912. The car was sold March 10 by COYS auctions.

Source: Auto World News - March 14, 2015


FOUND - $10,000 Possible for 50¢ Yard Sale Painting

BATESVILLE, INDIANA, USA - A 50¢ yard sale painting isfound to be from Chicago's famed Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts, may fetch $10,000. Leslie Hindman Auctioneers will sell it in May.

Story Source: WBAL TV - March 13, 2015


Peter Wilson Fine Art Auctioneers LLP
FOUND - $64,000 Cup discovered in $150 Pottery Buy

NANTWHICH, UK - A 266-year-old Chelsea porcelain cup found in a $150 pottery buy, has sold for $64,000 (£44,400) after buyer premium. The cup was sold by Peter Wilson Fine Art Auctioneers.

Story Source: Daily Mail / Image: Peter Wilson Auctioneers - March 13, 2015


Coin Week
FOUND - $98,000 Nugget by Australian Prospector

INGLEWOOD, AUSTRAILIA - An 87-ounce solid gold nugget has been found by a prospector armed with a metal detector. The nugget value has been estimated at $98,000 ($130,000 AUD).

Source: Coin Week - March 3, 2015


The Huffington Post
FOUND - Treasure Trove Discovered in Celtic Tomb

FRANCE - An elaborate tomb thought to belong to a Celtic prince has been discovered by archaeologists. The burial site is reportedly a trove of ancient artifacts and treasures, including a chariot.

Source: The Huffington Post - March 9, 2015


Archaeological Institute of America
FOUND - $76,000 Pendant with Metal Detector

DISS, NORFOLK, UK - An archaeology student with a metal detector discovered an Anglo-Saxon grave on farmland and found a rare pendant. UK news reports value the pendant at $76,000 (£50,000).

Source: Archaeological Institute of America - February 27, 2015


FOUND - $43,020 Lombardi Sweater in 58¢ Goodwill bin

WEST ASHERVILLE, N. CAROLINA, USA - A couple found Vince Lombardi's sweater at a Goodwill for 58 cents. The sweater sold for $43,020 at Heritage Auctions on February 21st.

Source: CBS News - February 22, 2015


FOUND - $179,000 Shoeless Joe Photo in Scrapbook

CLEVELAND, OHIO, USA - A rare signed photo of Shoeless Joe Jackson found in a scrapbook has sold for $179,000. The photo was sold through Heritage Auctions.

Source: WYFF 4 - February 22, 2015


New York Daily News
FOUND - $80,000 Bronze Cat Nearly Tossed in Trash

PENZANCE, UK - A 2,500-year-old Egyptian Cat Sculpture that was nearly thrown in the trash has sold for $80,000. The cat was was spotted during a home valuation and sold by David Lay Auctions.

Source: New York Daily News - February 22, 2015


FOUND - $10,000 Pearl Discovered in Seafood Stew

SWAMPSCOTT, MASSACHUSETTS, USA - A policeman discovered a rare lavender pearl, weighing more than six carats in his seafood stew. The pearl's expected to fetch $10-15,000 in a Kaminski Auction.

Source: CBS - February 19, 2015


FOUND - $35,000 Watch Bought for $5.99 at Goodwill

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA - A man purchased a rare 1959 LeCoultre Deep Sea Alarm Watch at a Goodwill for $5.99. Then received $35,000 for it, in a private sale to a vintage watch dealer.

Source: Hodinkee - February 17, 2015


Antique Roadshow
FOUND - $250,000 Tribal Mask Set

BISMARK, NORTH DAKOTA, USA - A pair of valuable 1700s mask from the Tlingit tribe were discovered during an Antique Roadshow episode. The mask have been valued at $250,000.

Source: Antique Roadshow - February 16, 2015


PR Web
FOUND - $500,000 for Stamps Discovered in Attic

COTSWOLDS, UK - Rare Chinese (candarin) stamps found after collecting dust in an attic for more than 100 years, are expected to fetch $500,000 at an upcomming Kelleher auction.

Source: PR Web - February 17, 2015


NBC News
FOUND - $15 Million for Magna Carta in Scrapbook

KENT COUNTY, UK - An early damaged copy of the Magna Carta has been found in a Victorian scrapbook in the UK. The discovery is thought to be valued at $15 million according to the History Channel.

Source: NBC News - February 9, 2015


Auto Week
FOUND - $18.5 Million for Rusting Car in Barn

WESTERN FRANCE - A rare 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder found rusting under a pile of old magazines in a French barn, has sold for $18.5 million.

Source: Auto Week - February 11, 2015


FOUND - $255,000 Nugget by Chinese Herdsman

XINJIANG, CHINA - A 17-pound gold nugget has been found by a herdsman in China’s remote far west. The Nation reports the nuggets value has been estimated at $255,000.

Source: Time - February 6, 2015


The Dorset Echo
FOUND - $15,000 Expected for Medals

DORCHESTER, UK - A pair of 18th century Russian medals, valued at $15,000 were found during an auctioneers auction valuation. The medals will be sold by Duke’s auctioneers.

Source: The Dorset Echo - January 30, 2015


The Daily Mail
FOUND - $5.2 Million for Discovered Painting

NEW YORK, USA - A painting purchased for $5,000 (£3,500) in 2013, was later identified as an unknown John Constable and sold for $5.2 million (£3.5 million). The painting was sold by Sotheby's

Source: The Daily Mail - January 29, 2015


FOUND - $1 Million Expected for Roadster in Barn

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, USA - A rare 1964 Shelby 289 Cobra discovered in a Vermont barn is expected to fetch $1 million when it sells . The car will be sold by Gooding & Company (Jan 16-17).

Source: Market Watch - January 15, 2015


FOUND - $500,000 Painting Purchased for $100

NEW YORK, USA - A landscape painting that was purchased for $100, was identified on PBS Antiques Roadshow as a Joseph Kleitsch painting valued at $500,000.

Source: AOL - January 13, 2015


$807,000 for Rare Vase Found During Free Appraisal

WEST SUSSEX, UK - A rare Qianlong Chinese vase discovered by a free online appraisal, has sold for $807,000 (£520,000). The vase was sold by Toovey's.

Source: What Sells Best - January 5, 2015


The Daily Mail
Rare Baseball Cards Worth $1 Million

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA - A collection of rare baseball items (cards and signatures) has been valued at $1 million. The discovery happened on last night's episode of Antiques Roadshow.

Source: The Daily Mail - January 6, 2015


The Daily Mail
$1.6 Million in Coins Found with Metal Detector

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, UK - A 1,000-year-old hoard of Anglo Saxon coins valued $1.5 Million (£1 Million) was discovered by an amateur treasure hunter with a metal detector.

Source: The Daily Mail - January 2, 2015