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Fife Today

FOUND - Million Dollar Painting Discovered in Attic

KIRKCALDY, SCOTLAND - A man found an oil painting in his attic which may have been painted by Pablo Picasso. The painting, sent to Christie’s for appraisal, is thought to be worth millions if authenticated.

Source: Fife Today - June 25, 2015


Bold Ride

SOLD - $934,000 for Bugatti Found in Barn

FRANCE - A rare 1925 Bugatti Brescia discovered in a French barn was estimated to be worth $280,000 at auction. The car was sold for $934,000 (834,400 euros) by Artcurial Motorcars.

Source: Classic Driver (Photo: Bold Ride) - June 22, 2015


Art Daily


SOLD - $133,685 for Painting Found at Flea Market

SYDNEY, AUSTRAILIA - A 1936 painting entitled; 'Basket of Fruit' by the Australian artist John Wardell Power was found at a flea market and fetched $133,685 at auction. The painting was sold by Bonhams.

Source: Art Daily - June 18, 2015


The Washington Post

FOUND - $1 Million for Dusty Sculpture Discovery

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA, USA - The University of Virginia found a dusty sculpture by Harry Bertoia in storage and sold it for $1 million. The sale funded a doctoral program for the school.

Source: The Washington Post - June 11, 2015


South China Morning Post

FOUND - $11,000 Nugget by Canadian in Scotland

SCOTLAND - A Canadian man has found a gold nugget valued at $11,000 (€10,000). According to the story, he initially he didn't recognize the gold and nearly threw it away.

Source: The Huffington Post - June 5, 2015


South China Morning Post

FOUND - $240,000 Flawed Chinese Banknote

CHINA - A Chinese employee who received a rare flawed 100 yuan bank note in his wages pack, was surprised to learn the flawed note may be worth up to $240,000 (1.5 million yuan) to collectors.

Source: South China Morning Post - June 4, 2015


Bold Ride

FOUND - $200,000 Apple Computer in Scrap Pile

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA - A recycling company found a rare Apple compter in their e-waste pile which they sold for $200,000. The company is trying to locate the owner to give them $100,000.

Source: USA Today - June 1, 2015


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