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UPI Story

FOUND - $1 Million in Cards in Abandoned Building?

DETROIT, MICHIGAN, USA - Boxes of untouched vintage sports cards have been discovered in an abandoned Detroit warehouse. The estimated value of the treasure trove is $1 million.

Source: Sports Illustrated - August 21, 2015


UPI Story

FOUND - $1 Billion in Gold Discovered in Train Tunnel?

WROCLAW , POLAND - Two men claim to have found a mysterious train loaded with $1 billion in Nazi gold. The train was reportedly abandoned in a hidden tunnel in Poland at the end of World War II.

Source: UPI - August 20, 2015


CBS News

FOUND - $4.5 Million in 18th Century Shipwreck

FLORIDA COAST, USA - Spanish gold valued at $4.5 million has been discovered in six feet of water at the site of an 18th century shipwreck. The treasure was found by the Queens Jewels Salvage Company.

Source: CBS News - August 19, 2015


Huffington Post

FOUND - $17,000 Gold Bar by Girl Swimming in Lake

GERMANY - A teenage girl swimming in Koenigssee lake discovered a gold bar worth approximately $17,000. The gold bar was located six feet below the waters surface.

Source: Huffington Post - August 12, 2015


Love of the Game Auctions

SOLD - $436,970 for Rare Baseball Bat found in home

NEW YORK, NY, USA - A family discovered an old baseball bat they kept around the house for 'protection' once belonged to Lou Gehrig. The bat fetched $436,970 when sold by Love of the Game Auctions.

Source: Love of the Game Auctions - August 9, 2015


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