Ruthie Bowles

Contributing Writer for What Sells Best News

Ruthie is a freelance content and blog writer living in Maryland. She served in the United States Army honorably for over 8 years. Her grandparents instilled a strong passion for antiquities and hidden treasures at a very young age. She vividly recalls accompanying them as they found unknown antiques at yard sales and small shops. She enjoys writing, gardening, and raising her chickens with her three children.


Brothers Boyhood Cards Worth $1 Million

Found Paintings Worth Millions

Blanket Fetches $1.5 Million

Yard Sale Prints Worth $76,000

Tornado Treasure Worth $48,000

Evel Knievel 'Leathers' May Get $100,000

Mountain-Man Rubies Worth $90 Million

Shoebox Vase Fetches $535,000

$20 Cracked Teapot Fetches $800,000

Garage Sale 'Buddha' Worth $100,000

Dad's Dumpster-Dive Worth $15,000

Found Painting Worth Up To $300,000

$1 Secondhand Bowls Fetch $83,000

Found Estate Sale Painting Worth $160 Million

Declaration of Independence May Collect $1 Million

Antique Plate Discovery Brings $300,000

Medieval Coins Worth $15,000 Buried in Playground

Tom Roberts Painting May Collect $400,000

Barn Find Ferrari Fetches $2.1 Million