About Us

What Sells Best has a Simple Vision

Inspire folks to take a closer-look at the unique items in their lives, by sharing stories of everyday-people who've stumbled upon big and small treasures, worldwide.

We've noticed many of these treasures were found using little-known free resources that are often available to anyone, online, worldwide.

Because of this we're working to build a free online directory. Organizing the free resources anyone can use to help find, identify and value, a wide variety of unique items in their homes and communities.

The directory is organized to value treasures of all sizes, with resources for getting help directly from top-experts and auction houses who specialize in a wide variety of unique items. All 100%-free.

Founded in 2008, by James Massey. The site's become a trusted resource for a wide-variety of media companies worldwide, including a few majors, like: CBS News, The Guardian, Huffington Post, Market Watch and Fox Business.

While it's always our hope you'll find a big or small treasure, and tell us about it. We also welcome your feedback for ways you think we could make the site more helpful.

Happy treasure hunting!