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ddHuge Ocean Life Group of Trilobite and Star Fish 21" Inches

Time Left: 2d 17h 35m
$1,150.00 with 1 bids

ddColorado Gold Mining Placer Claim in Park County

Time Left: 1d 12h 1m
$1,000.00 with 1 bids

dd[LHR5] Complete Psittacosaurus dinosaur reptile fossil skeleton

Time Left: 7d 1h 20m
$800.00 with 12 bids

dd[HTDH044] A+++ Museum Grade Original Matrix 22cm Crocuta crocuta Hyena Fossil

Time Left: 3d 17h 26m
$610.00 with 6 bids

ddCampo del Cielo meteorite 22.60 pounds museum quality

Time Left: 3d 16h 15m
$524.00 with 9 bids

ddCLASSIC Multicolor Fluorite Crystal MINERVA #1 MINE, ILLINOIS

Time Left: 2d 19h 59m
$510.00 with 12 bids

ddMassive Beautiful 6.95” Megalodon Tooth Fossil Shark Teeth

Time Left: 4d 18h 30m
$510.00 with 67 bids

dd40.2LB Natural Pink Rose Quartz Sphere Crystal Ball Reiki Reiki Healing.CF789

Time Left: 15h 53m
$495.00 with 5 bids

ddTARTAK / Iron, IIIAB meteorite - 48g / VERY RARE!

Time Left: 2d 51m
$480.00 with 1 bids

dd33.66LB TOP! Natural red Amethyst geode quartz cluster crystal mineral+stand

Time Left: 2d 19h 50m
$455.76 with 13 bids

dd20.35LB Natural Amethyst Geode Quartz Cluster Crystal Specimen Healing

Time Left: 17h 22m
$455.00 with 33 bids

ddCsátalja / H4 meteorite - 67g / RARE! + BOX

Time Left: 4d 6h 3m
$450.00 with 1 bids

dd27.7LB TOP! Natural Amethyst geode quartz cluster crystal piont mineral+stand

Time Left: 2d 19h 29m
$410.76 with 8 bids

ddAjoite hematite epidote and quartz - Artonvilla mine Messina South Africa

Time Left: 6d 6h 26m
$405.00 with 21 bids


Time Left: 5d 15h 35m
$399.99 with 1 bids

ddMeteorite: 570 gram NWA 13758 rare R chondrite end piece.

Time Left: 5d 8h 25m
$395.00 with 24 bids

ddVery Large, Polished Arizona Petrified Wood Round

Time Left: 7d 8h 15m
$382.99 with 11 bids

dd72.6LB TOP! Natural Amethyst geode quartz cluster crystal piont mineral+stand

Time Left: 20h 7m
$365.00 with 23 bids

ddMeteorite: Brenham 417.9 gram thick slice. Kansas pallasite-anomalous find.

Time Left: 5d 8h 13m
$365.00 with 16 bids

ddMassive Beautiful 6.25” Megalodon Tooth Fossil Shark Teeth

Time Left: 18h 30m
$361.37 with 48 bids


Time Left: 2d 19h 50m
$360.00 with 7 bids

ddNatural Amethyst geode cluster quartz crystal specimen healing+stand 51LB NA540

Time Left: 5d 21h 12m
$355.76 with 19 bids

ddBlue Mountain Jasper Nodule - OR - 7.2 lbs. - Stunning Colors & Pattern

Time Left: 2d 15h 20m
$340.00 with 10 bids

dd13.2LB Natural Citrine cluster mineral specimen quartz crystal healing F546

Time Left: 16h 17m
$338.00 with 5 bids

ddSUPERB RARE Ruby Crystal Cluster on Matrix MONG HSU - Ex. Larson

Time Left: 2d 19h 56m
$315.00 with 11 bids

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