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Suzuki SCX-56 Harmonica - Silver - Chromatix chromatic

Time Left: 12h 2m
$71.00 with 7 bids

Assorted lot of 20 Vintage Harmonicas Hohner,Jambone,Blues Harp plus more

Time Left: 3h 37m
$31.00 with 19 bids

Hohner Chrometta 12 key of G with extra plastic mouthpiece

Time Left: 8h 55m
$30.00 with 2 bids

Vintage Hohner Tremolo Harmonica ECHO HARP - Made In Germany - In Case

Time Left: 1d 49m
$30.00 with 1 bids

Vintage Hohner Germany Chromatic Harmonica No. 270 w/box, Super Chromonica, C

Time Left: 2d 8h 20m
$23.50 with 4 bids

Kongsheng Mars Diatonic harmonica and case, key of C

Time Left: 1d 3h 26m
$23.41 with 3 bids

Vintage Hohner Germany Marine Band harmonica, key of C, no box, used

Time Left: 2d 7h 59m
$21.01 with 5 bids

Harmonica By Tombo Lee Oskar Em Harmonic Minor

Time Left: 8h 59m
$19.99 with 1 bids

Three old Hohner harmonicas.

Time Left: 3d 8h 46m
$17.00 with 1 bids

Vintage Hohner Germany Harmonica with box marked Unsere Leiblinge C

Time Left: 2d 8h 13m
$15.00 with 1 bids

Vintage Hohner Super Chromonica Chromatic Harmonica with Case/Box

Time Left: 2d 4h 22m
$14.00 with 2 bids


Time Left: 2d 6h 54m
$13.77 with 1 bids


Time Left: 7d 18h 8m
$13.76 with 1 bids

Vintage M.Hohner "The Super Chromonica" Harmonica And Box Key C As Found Clean!

Time Left: 4d 9h 26m
$13.00 with 3 bids

Mundharmonika Fred. Hotz Extra Metall Stimmen Silberne Medallie

Time Left: 2d 3h 16m
$12.81 with 6 bids

KOCH CHROMATIC Harmonica with Original Box Key of G

Time Left: 2d 8h 17m
$12.14 with 2 bids

3 Lee Oskar Harmonicas A/C/D Minor

Time Left: 4d 12h 30m
$10.50 with 2 bids

M Suzuki 10 Hole Diatonic M-20 A Scale Harmonica

Time Left: 3d 11h 58m
$9.99 with 1 bids

Hohner Super Chromonica 270 Chromatic Harmonica

Time Left: 3d 12h 31m
$9.99 with 1 bids

4 Hohner Special 20 Marine Band Harmonicas

Time Left: 4d 11h 13m
$9.99 with 1 bids

Hohner Hoodoo Blues Harmonica 3-Pack with Case C,D,G

Time Left: 4d 7h 55m
$9.88 with 1 bids

Hohner Accordions Marine Band Harmonica - Key of E

Time Left: 3d 6h 37m
$8.49 with 2 bids

Vintage Harmonica Bandmaster Blues Solist GDR

Time Left: 1d 5h 17m
$6.89 with 1 bids

Vintage Original Butterfly Harmonica Made In Occupied Japan No 152

Time Left: 1d 5h 48m
$6.00 with 1 bids

Howlin' Harp Blues - Harmonica by Stagg (C)

Time Left: 1d 19h 57m
$4.13 with 1 bids

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