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Western Electric 753C, Set of 2 extremely rare monitor speakers. 

High Bid: $6,200.00
Bids: 17
Time Left:
2d 5h 9m

McIntosh C500 controller + C500 tube preamplifier + mvp881br audio video player

High Bid: $3,451.00
Bids: 19
Time Left:
1h 15m

Pair of Vintage TANNOY LSU/HF/12L Dual Concentric Speakers with Crossovers

High Bid: $2,600.00
Bids: 1
Time Left:
8h 39m

Iconic Electrohome Vintage Circa 701 Mid Century Stereo - Eames Clairtone Atomic

High Bid: $2,199.00
Bids: 1
Time Left:
5d 10h 18m


High Bid: $2,075.00
Bids: 3
Time Left:
1d 5h 29m

Neumann U47 -Telefunken VF14 electronic tube

High Bid: $1,375.79
Bids: 13
Time Left:
1d 2h 10m


High Bid: $1,375.00
Bids: 94
Time Left:
5d 8h 7m

Garrard 301 Grease Bearing Turntable. *Un-restored* Good Condition.

High Bid: $1,259.00
Bids: 26
Time Left:
9h 2m

Altec Lansing 803A Woofer Speakers (2) / A7-500 VOTT Laguna 820C 16Ω 15'' (38cm)

High Bid: $1,155.00
Bids: 25
Time Left:
6d 8h 9m

Mcintosh mc 2505 amplifier

High Bid: $1,099.00
Bids: 1
Time Left:
3d 2h 34m

Mcintosh MC60 Tube Amplifier.

High Bid: $1,025.00
Bids: 21
Time Left:
6d 9h 38m

akai reel to reel gx-635d, Mint Condition , Over 21 Reels Including The Beatles

High Bid: $1,000.00
Bids: 10
Time Left:
2d 2h 49m

vintage McIntosh MC-2100 Stereo or Mono Power Amplifier EXCELLENT SOUND !

High Bid: $960.00
Bids: 12
Time Left:
3d 10h 24m

Vintage Marantz Model 2285B - Great Condition 

High Bid: $950.00
Bids: 22
Time Left:
8h 6m

Yamaha NS-1000M Black Speaker All original drivers.

High Bid: $355.00
Bids: 8
Time Left:
2d 19h 45m

Vintage KENWOOD KR-9600 AM FM Stereo Receiver Dual Power Supply Beautiful Rack

High Bid: $870.00
Bids: 17
Time Left:
2d 7h 6m

ADS a/d/s PB-1500 POWERED BASS MODULE w/C-1500 Bass System Control - RARE

High Bid: $819.00
Bids: 1
Time Left:
2h 34m

Sansui 9090db Receiver

High Bid: $810.00
Bids: 15
Time Left:
1d 7h 27m

Tascam 52, with NAB Adaptors, Tapes, and Manual

High Bid: $800.00
Bids: 3
Time Left:
57m 6s

VTG RARE Yamaha C-2X Preamplifier Stereo Control Amplifier Multi-Voltage

High Bid: $790.00
Bids: 16
Time Left:
6d 9h 3m

Pioneer sx 1280 vintage stereo receiver

High Bid: $760.00
Bids: 7
Time Left:
3d 10h 15m

Rare Matched Pair Western Electric 437A Tubes-1966 - NOS Vintage Best 300B drive

High Bid: $750.00
Bids: 1
Time Left:
1d 5h 2m

1906 Victor I Phonograph w/Original Victor Horn * Outstanding * No Replica Parts

High Bid: $731.00
Bids: 6
Time Left:
6d 8h 6m

McIntosh MC2505 MC 2505 Solid State Power Amplifier Amp

High Bid: $705.00
Bids: 36
Time Left:
8h 7m

HH Scott 121 Dynaural Tube Equalizer Preamplifier Vintage HiFi Rare GC Condition

High Bid: $690.00
Bids: 7
Time Left:
1d 7h 30m