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Pioneer DJ Set with Rokitz7 Speakers

Time Left: 7d 16h 51m
$7,000.00 with 1 bids

2000 Kevin Ryan Mission Grand Concert - Brazilian Rosewood/Adirondack Spruce Top

Time Left: 1d 17h 10m
$6,850.00 with 2 bids

Memorymoog Synthesizer-ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Needs work... INCLUDES EXTRAS!!!

Time Left: 6d 17h 57m
$5,995.00 with 1 bids

Fender 1963 Precision Bass with Original Case

Time Left: 2d 1h 38m
$5,759.00 with 1 bids

1972 SELMER - Mark VI - Tenor SAXOPHONE - French Made - Hard Case & Extra's

Time Left: 3d 17h 39m
$5,495.95 with 1 bids

Ernst Heinrich Roth Markneukirchen Pre-War 1930

Time Left: 4h 34m
$5,100.00 with 29 bids

Selmer Mark Vi Baritone Saxophone Range To Low A

Time Left: 22h 22m
$5,100.00 with 87 bids

Martin D28 (D28b) 1986 Acoustic Guitar - Brazilian Rosewood

Time Left: 5d 4h 40m
$4,500.00 with 2 bids

Roland System-100M - With Rare Modules

Time Left: 16h 38m
$4,494.00 with 29 bids

A Fine Professional Italian Violin Copy Of Guarneri Del Gesun By Anton Krutz

Time Left: 3h 51m
$3,550.00 with 20 bids

Rare 12" Hara Record Cutting Lathe Japanese Vinyl Recorder Vanrock Atom

Time Left: 1d 20h 1m
$3,499.00 with 1 bids

Antique Henri Selmer Paris France Brass Tenor Saxophone #40924 Vtg Professional

Time Left: 3d 2h 28m
$3,250.00 with 17 bids

Selmer Mark Vi Alto Saxophone

Time Left: 22h 15m
$3,200.00 with 76 bids

2x Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2 Pro DJ Multi-Player With Allen & Heath Xone:92 Mixer

Time Left: 1d 20h 50m
$3,200.00 with 48 bids


Time Left: 1d 22h 42m
$3,050.00 with 36 bids

Shure ULXD Quad-Channel Wireless Combo System - H50 Band - 4 HH + 4 Lav Mics

Time Left: 3d 1h 31m
$3,050.00 with 5 bids

Klon Centaur RS-018 - new unit with full warranty for sale by Klon LLC

Time Left: 2d 4h 32m
$3,000.00 with 47 bids

Universal Audio Apollo Quad Thunderbolt with over $18k in plugins!

Time Left: 2d 16h 32m
$3,000.00 with 1 bids

LA2A compressor Vintage UTC Transformers

Time Left: 19h 13m
$2,950.00 with 150 bids

PRS Private Stock #7958 Custom 24 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar - Natural Walnut

Time Left: 3d 1h 48m
$2,919.89 with 27 bids

selmer saxo alto , henri selmer cuivre , saxophone , musique ancienne

Time Left: 1d 15h 6m
$2,818.35 with 40 bids

collings acoustic guitar

Time Left: 8h 31m
$2,700.00 with 18 bids

Selmer Mark Vi Tenor Saxophone

Time Left: 22h 18m
$2,662.00 with 52 bids

Kubicki factor bass 1989, in good to mint condition!

Time Left: 22h 27m
$2,500.00 with 1 bids

901 Yanagisawa VSP Vito Low A Baritone Saxophone

Time Left: 2d 15h 5m
$2,500.00 with 1 bids