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Pokemon Charizard Base Set 1st Edition Holo Rare Mint BGS 9 With 9.5 Centering

High Bid: $13,100.00
Bids: 92
Time Left:
5d 21h 39m

Pokemon Sealed Base Set Booster Box With Acrylic Case!

High Bid: $8,100.00
Bids: 55
Time Left:
3d 5h 31m

***1x BGS 7.5 Unlimited Black Lotus*** MTG Unlimited Power 9 -Kid Icarus-

High Bid: $7,600.00
Bids: 30
Time Left:
5h 52m

Crystal Charizard Holo PSA 10 Skyridge 2003 Gem Mint Pokemon Card #146/144

High Bid: $7,350.00
Bids: 45
Time Left:
6d 8h 45m

Pokémon CCG - Gym Heroes Expansion 1st Edition - FACTORY SEALED

High Bid: $7,100.00
Bids: 7
Time Left:
5h 13m

Pokemon 1st Edition Fossil Booster Pack Factory Sealed Box!

High Bid: $6,600.00
Bids: 8
Time Left:
5d 18h 39m

1999 1st Edition Base Shadowless Charizard 4/102 Mint Psa 7, Bgs 8 THICK Stamp!

High Bid: $6,200.00
Bids: 17
Time Left:
3h 56m

Pokemon Spanish Base Set Sealed Booster Box Unlimited 36 Packs Not Mint Condish

High Bid: $6,100.00
Bids: 27
Time Left:
5d 21h 29m

Revised 3rd Edition Booster Box - Factory Sealed (Magic The Gathering MTG 1994)

High Bid: $5,400.00
Bids: 14
Time Left:
2d 7h 54m

BLACK LABEL! Pokemon Hidden Fates Shiny Charizard GX SV49/SV94 BGS 10 *Pristine*

High Bid: $5,000.00
Bids: 12
Time Left:
2d 23h 58m

1999 Pokemon Card Base Set Unlimited Charizard PSA 10 GEM MINT 🔥FLAWLESS! LOOK!

High Bid: $4,471.00
Bids: 29
Time Left:
4d 7h 35m

PSA 6 1st Edition Base Set Shadowless Charizard

High Bid: $4,200.00
Bids: 41
Time Left:
5d 22h 3m

Pokemon Gym Heroes 1st Edition Booster Box - English - FACTORY SEALED - WotC

High Bid: $4,150.00
Bids: 35
Time Left:
6d 10h 28m

Hasbro WWF WWE Undertaker Mail Away unopened sealed bag 1993

High Bid: $4,050.00
Bids: 30
Time Left:
1d 22h 5m

PSA 6 Charizard & Blastoise & PSA 4 Venusaur 1st Edition Shadowless Base Set

High Bid: $4,050.00
Bids: 15
Time Left:
6d 6h 54m


High Bid: $3,999.99
Bids: 1
Time Left:
1d 3h 7m

OPTIMUS PRIME 1984 Hasbro Transformers Series 1 PEPSI AFA 90

High Bid: $3,950.00
Bids: 33
Time Left:
5d 5m

MTG Revised Edition Box of booster packs (factory sealed) WOC 16700

High Bid: $3,900.00
Bids: 22
Time Left:
1d 21h 51m

1999 Pokemon PSA 5 1st Edition shadowless Charizard! Holo Rare Vintage!

High Bid: $3,550.00
Bids: 32
Time Left:
3d 6h 46m

BGS 9.5 Shadowless CHARIZARD Holo 4/102 Base Set Rare 1999 Pokemon Card

High Bid: $3,300.00
Bids: 24
Time Left:
3d 9h 44m

Shadowless Base Set Charizard Holo PSA 9 Mint 1999 Pokemon Card #4/102

High Bid: $3,200.00
Bids: 50
Time Left:
6d 8h 6m

1999 Pokemon Game Holo Charizard #4 BGS 9 MINT (PWCC)

High Bid: $3,000.00
Bids: 19
Time Left:
5d 2h 33m

PSA 10 GEM MINT Misty's Golduck 1st Edition 12/132 Holo Rare Pokemon Card

High Bid: $3,000.00
Bids: 25
Time Left:
5d 4h 24m

pokemon fossil factory sealed booster box

High Bid: $3,000.00
Bids: 2
Time Left:
6d 5h 24m

MINT MTG Summer Magic Birds of Paradise, NO RESERVE!!!

High Bid: $2,550.00
Bids: 10
Time Left:
2d 9h 11m