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SOLD - $12,900 for Toronto Mayor's Tie on eBay

ONLINE - A tie worn by former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford during a 2013 crack cocaine confession, has sold for $12,900 (C $16,100) in an auction on eBay Canada.

Source: eBay - March 4, 2015


SOLD - $15,888 for Big Mac Sauce on eBay

ONLINE - A limited edition bottle (#1 of 200) of McDonald's Big Mac Special Sauce has sold for $15,888 (AU $20,600.00) in an charity auction on eBay Australia.

Source: eBay - February 11, 2015


Jilted Man Sells Honeymoon for $12,000 on eBay

ONLINE - A man "dumped" just six-weeks before his wedding collects thousands for charity by auctioning his fiancee's spot on the honeymoon trip. The honeymoon was sold on eBay.

Source: BBC - January 15, 2015


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$41,400 for Bryan Cranston 'Breaking Bad' Mask

A mask depicting Walter White from the popular (TV) cable series 'Breaking Bad' has fetched $41,400 on eBay. The mask was worn by Bryan Cranston, incognito, at the 2013 Comic-Con (more).

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$186,000 - Best Bizarre eBay Item So Far... (Top 10)
The top-ten (recent) eBay Bizarre & Weird sales list includes; a 'Two-Headed Mermaid' Sea Creature which fetched $1,000; a Nest of Dinosaur Eggs that received $5,625; and a set of
'Doomsday' Nuclear Missile Launch Keys which collected $6,351. The top bizarre item sold for $186,000... (see list)

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$111,100 - Albert Einstein Wax Figure Sold on eBay

A rare Albert Einstein figure made of wax has fetched $111,100 on eBay.
Reportedly, the wax figure was commissioned by Einstein himself shortly after he came to America.
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