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January 13, 2016

eBay Website
$105,655 - Best eBay Rare Coin So Far... (Top Ten)

The top-ten eBay (rare) Coin list includes this 1916 U.S Dime which fetched $13,000; a rare early American Quarter that received $36,617; and a 1920
Twenty Dollar coin which collected $48,600. The top coin brought its owner $105,655... (see list)

Las Vegas Sun
Gold Coins Found in Garage Fetch $6.7 Million

A mysterious hoard of gold coins that were discovered in the garage of a deceased Nevada recluse, have fetched a total of $6.7 million at a recent auction (more).

eBay Website
Rare U.S. Coin Collects $61,170

A rare 1995 U.S. Silver Dollar has fetched $61,170 on eBay. According to the seller, only 17 coins have achieved the same PCGS (PR70) grading as this one (more).

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$36 Million in Silver Bullion Discovered in Shipwreck

A deep-sea salvage company has found 61 tons of silver (valued at $36 million) in World War II shipwreck. The discovery was made three miles below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Ireland (more).

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Top Metal Detector Treasures Now-Being-Tracked is now tracking some of the Top Metal Detecting Discoveries found, all-around the world. See the latest treasures and find-out where they're being found. (more)

Daily Mail
Chinese Coin Collects $50,600 in eBay Auction

This rare 1914 Chinese Coin has fetched $50,600 on eBay. According to the seller, the coin was from a 30 year-old collection which had been off the market since the 1970's (see more).

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$1 Million in Coins Fall From Attic During Remodel

497 Rare Gold Coins fell from the ceiling of an old barn a workman was remodeling. The coins are expected to bring $1 Million at auction. French law entitles the workman to half the proceeds.
(see more)


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