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$76,500 for Enchanted Doll on eBay

ONLINE - A 14 inch porcelain Enchanted Doll named Cinderella, created by the famous Russian-Canadian doll maker Marina Bychkova has fetched $76,500 on eBay.

Source: What Sells Best - February 3, 2015


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$40,000 - Best eBay Doll So Far... (Top 10)
The top-ten Dolls list for eBay includes this doll and/or bear Bisque Head Doll which fetched $10,102; a vintage 1959 Barbie Doll that received $14,600; and a rare Bru Jne Doll which collected $22,100. The top collectible doll brought its owner $40,000... (see list)

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Thomas Edison 'Talking Doll' Fetches $25,100 on eBay

An extremely rare Thomas Edison Talking Doll (circa 1890) has fetched $25,100 on eBay. A pretty good price for an item many considered to be a huge flop (for Edison), back in the day....
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