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SOLD - $60,646 for Vintage Speaker Parts on eBay

May 10, 2016

SOLD - $22,100 for Vintage Radio on eBay

Source: eBay - December 23, 2015

SOLD - $15,000 for Rare 1930's Telephone Speaker

ONLINE - A rare 1930's Telephone Speaker (Western Electric 596A) has fetched $15,000 at auction, on eBay. The auction ended Sunday, May 17, at 6am (Pacific Time).

Source: eBay - May 17, 2015


SOLD - $236,100 for Rare Apple Computer on eBay

ONLINE - An original 1976 Apple-1 computer built in Steve Jobs garage, has sold for $236,100 on eBay. The auction ended Thursday, April 23, at 4:09pm (Pacific Time).

Source: eBay - April 24, 2015


SOLD - $22,862 for Old Commodore Computer eBay

ONLINE - A vintage 1990-91 prototype computer known as a Commodore 65 (also known as the C64DX) has sold for $22,862 (€20,050) in an auction on eBay .

Source: eBay - February 15, 2015


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1890's Telephone Fetches $9,700

This rare Wall Telephone with a transmitter box marked; "Property of American Bell Telephone Co." has collected $9,700 on eBay. According to the seller, markings dated the telephone to the 1890's (more).

eBay Website
$32,600 - Best Old eBay Electronics Item... (Top 10)
The top-ten eBay Vintage Electronics list includes; this Rare Salesmans Sample Toaster which fetched $10,099; a Vintage Zenith Radio that received $17,389; and a Old Electric Fan which collected $12,211. The top item brought its owner $32,600... (see list)


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