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TOP 25 - Bead Auctions on eBay (Worldwide)

See the Top 25 Bead Auctions on eBay (worldwide), by highest prices bid today... See Auctions

eBay Website
$66,100 Best eBay Jewelry Item So Far... (Top 10)
The current top-ten Jewelry list (items selling on eBay) includes; a vintage Deep Apple Green Jadeite/Diamond ring (shown) that fetched $15,150; a rare Tiffany Bracelet which received $23,100; and a Chopard Necklace & Earring set that collected $54,950. To see what sold for $66,100 see the list

The Telegraph
$30.6 Million for Rare Diamond (New World Record)

A rare 118-carat Diamond has sold for $30.6 million (£19 million) in Hong Kong. The sale set a new-world-record for the highest price paid (to date) for a white diamond (more).

eBay Website
Vintage Rolex Fetches $42,600

This vintage Rolex, described as an Oyster Cosmograph made in 1973, fetched $42,600 on eBay. The watch is stated as being water-resistant with an antireflective black bezel (more).

Sky News
$38 Bond-Watch from Flea Market, Fetches $159,000

James Bond's geiger counter wristwatch from the movie Thunderball, was discovered at a flea market. The watch, purchased for just $38 has sold at auction for $159,000 (see more).