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SOLD - $26,600 for 1955 Fender Stratocaster on eBay

ONLINE - A vintage 1955 electric Fender Stratocaster guitar (one-piece ash body with bakelite parts) has sold for $26,600 in a ten day online auction. The Guitar was sold on eBay.

Source: eBay - March 23, 2015


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$48,300 - Best eBay Instrument So Far... (Top 10)
The current top-ten eBay musical instrument list (items selling on eBay) includes; a rare Vintage 1936 Gibson Acoustic Guitar (shown) that fetched $27,262, and a 1960 Selmer Mark VI Saxophone that collected $10,000. The top musical instrument sold for $48,300... (see list)

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$110,000 - Les Paul 'Pawn Stars' Guitar & Memorabilia
A Les Paul Guitar and memorabilia purchased by History Channel's (TV) ’Pawn Stars’ fetched $110,000. According to the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop (Pawn Stars) eBay listing, the sale included some surprising personal items of Les Paul, like a... (see more)

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1966 Gibson Guitar Fetches $14,300 on eBay

This vintage Gibson Guitar (ES-175 Electric Hollowbody) fetched $14,300 on eBay. In 1966 the guitar was custom-ordered with special paint and hardware, making it one-of-a-kind
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