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SOLD - $28,988 for Found Bottle on eBay

ONLINE - A rare (1863) Kelly's 'Old Cabin' Bitters Bottle, discovered while cleaning out a home, has sold for $28,988. The bottle was online in an eBay auction.

Source: eBay - May 4, 2015


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$150,101 - Best eBay Pottery & Glass So Far... (Top 10)
The current top-ten eBay pottery and glass list (items selling on eBay) includes; a vintage Newcomb Pottery Vase (shown) that fetched $11,500; and an pottery/glass Purple Glass Insulator that collected $20,000. The top rare pottery & glass item sold for $150,101... (see list)

Chinese Vase Collects $45,100

A late 17th to early 18th century Chinese porcelain vase has sold for $45,100 on eBay. The vase, thought to be from the Kangxi periodwas stated to be in outstanding condition (more).