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FOUND - Vintage Duck Call Fetches $8,800

March 25, 2018

SOLD - $12,800 for Vintage Fishing Lure on eBay

ONLINE - An early Shakespeare wooden minnow fishing lure in an original paper label box (marked 'Muscallonge') has fetched $12,800 on eBay. Seller stated the lure body length at 3 3/4" inches... See Auction

Source: eBay - October 6, 2015


SOLD - $30,100 for Snowboard Found in Storage Unit

ONLINE - A rare Burton snowboard found in a storage unit has fetched $30,100 on eBay. Seller says he bought the storage auction unit for clothes and furniture that looked interesting. Great Find!

Source: eBay - September 27, 2015


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$50,400 - Best Vintage Sports Item So Far... (Top 10)
The current top-ten eBay vintage sporting goods list (items selling on eBay) includes; an item Baseball Glove, (shown) that fetched $7,699; and a rare Inflatable Football Helmet that collected $24,700. The top vintage sporting goods item sold for $30,302... (see list)

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Bowden 'Spacelander' Bike Fetches $9,479 on eBay

This rare 1960 Bowden Spacelander bicycle, by Bombard Industries collected $9,479 on eBay. Seller stated that it's; "One of 522 produced. (and) Designed by Ben Bowden
(see more).

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Antique Bicycle Fetches $16,600 on eBay

This 1897 Tonk 'Old Hickory' Bicycle fetched $16,600 on eBay. Interestingly, the bike built by Maxwell Tonk, was manufactured using a patented process of laminated steam-bent hickory.
(see more)

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$30,302 - Best Vintage Bicycle So Far... (Top 10)
The current top-ten vintage bicycles list (items selling on eBay) includes; this item highwheel bike (shown) that fetched $10,601; and a vintage 1960's spac
e-age bike that collected $12,100. The top vintage bicycle sold for $30,302... (see list)

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$11,211 - Paid For Vintage Snowboard... (Story)
A rare mint condition vintage Burton Snowboard fetched a final bid of $11,211 on eBay. The board, described by the seller as a BB1 Londonderry, made between 1978 and 1979, appeared to have never been... (see story)

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Rare Vintage Snowboard Fetches $11,732 on eBay

A rare Burton (Black Widow) Snowboard thought to be one of only seven produced, and previously owned by team rider Bob Novak, has fetched $11,732 on eBay...
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