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SOLD - $20,100 for 1980s Dracula Toy on eBay

May 5, 2016

SOLD - $11,900 for Star Wars Villain Pack on eBay

March 23, 2016

SOLD - $7,226 for Vintage Star Wars R2-D2 Windup Toy

December 29, 2015


SOLD - $18,000 for Rare Game Card on eBay

ONLINE - A rare Black Lotus game card (Graded 9 Mint by BGS) from an early edition of Magic the Gathering has sold for $18,108 on eBay. The game card was sold by kidicarus2000.

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SOLD - $16,116 for Magic 'Black Lotus' Game Card

ONLINE - An extremely rare Magic: The Gathering game card, known as the Black Lotus Beta Edition has fetched $16,116 in an auction on eBay. (See the Black Lotus Alpha that fetched $27,302 in 2013)

Source: eBay - March 10, 2015


SOLD - $10,000 for Vintage Toy Superman Ring

ONLINE - An extremely rare 1940 Toy Superman Ring, known as the 'Supermen of America Ring' (one of twenty known) has fetched $10,000 in an auction on eBay.

Source: What Sells Best - January 30, 2015


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ONLINE - A look back at ten vintage toys sold on eBay, in years past. Includes; a Tin wind-up Robot from Japan (shown) that fetched $10,099; and a rare 1940 Toy Superman Ring that collected $13,100. The top toy sold for $15,100... (see list)

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SOLD - Vintage Luke Skywalker Gets $12,600 on eBay

ONLINE - This vintage Toy Action Figure (Luke Skywalker) based on the original Star Wars movie, collected $12,600 on eBay. The item was stated to be in pristine (AFA 90) condition. (see more)

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SOLD - 1985 'Star Wars' Action Figure Gets $10,200 on eBay

ONLINE - This 1985 Kenner Action Figure (Boba Fett - AFA 90) based on the animated 'Star Wars: Droids' television show, collected $10,200 on eBay. The cartoon series only lasted one season. (see more)