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James Massey

I'd love to hear any questions or suggestions you have related to using our site, or making it more helpful to your research of an item.

However, if your writing to sell an item, or get a free appraisal. Please keep the following in mind (if not, skip this).

We track a broad range of items, literally sifting through millions of sales, to highlight those which rise to the top.

While this gives us a general sense of value for many items, we are often surprised by the prices realized in the stories we write.

What we've learned, is every collectible is capable of having small details that can make a big difference in it's price. And, unless you're a seasoned expert, you may miss those details.

Because of this, we do not value, buy, or sell items through the What Sells Best website.

Instead, we focus on publishing resources to help people recognize potentially valuable items, and find reputable experts with the knowledge necessary to give them a good free appraisal, or selling advice.

Using the following links can help you accomplish this:

That said, if you still have questions or suggestions, please send me a message using the form below, and I'll get back to you just as soon as I can.

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