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6-EXPERTS / Demonstrate - How they find ballpark values for most items in minutes.

Uses fast free simple tools and steps, used by many top buyers and sellers.

# 1 // Antique & Vintage Pricing

16-Minute Video by vintage picker Crazy Lamp Lady: Shares how to identify and price antique and vintage items on eBay.

#2 // Sneaker Pricing

7-Minute Video by sneaker reseller Ebay Kirk: Shows how to price sneakers using eBay's app on a smartphone.

#3 // Fashion Pricing

10-Minute Video by fashion reseller Empty Hanger: Shares pricing for clothes and fashion, using the Poshmark app and eBay.

#4 // Antique & Vintage Pricing

14-Minute Video by antiques dealer Antiques Arena: Demonstrates how to find ballpark values on eBay and a fee based service, The Saleroom.

#5 // Antique & Vintage Pricing

2-Minute Video by Brian Nelson: Demonstrates free pricing tools offered by Live Auctioneers and Heritage Auctions.

#6 // Free Online Appraisals

4-Minute Video by JB Coins: Demonstrates how to get free online appraisals by experts in Heritage Auctions coin department. The same process works for most free appraiser categories.

#7 / A-Z Pricing For Most Items

Wash. Rinse. Repeat: Practicing methods in all videos (above), until you get the hang of it. Helps develop skills needed to find ballpark values for most items. Even items outside of categories mentioned.

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KEY POINTS / Videos Help:

  • Useful For Most Items - Research methods can apply to items in most categories.

  • Finds Fast Values - Helps you identify and value most items quick.

  • Finds 'Hidden' Money Makers - Identifying unique items wanted by top dollar buyers.

  • Zero Cost - Uses many free tools used by top buyers and sellers.

Keep In Mind

  • Demos Are Basics - Intended to help 1st-timers find ballpark values for most items.

  • ALL Values Are Probable - Prices fluctuate due to supply and demand.

  • Hidden Values May Exist - Unique rare items, may have attributes only known to qualified specialized experts.

  • Always Consult -With qualified specialized experts before making important buying or selling decisions.

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