Reported Selling-Prices

Prices Are Not Values

SELLING/SOLD PRICES > Reported by venues or media generally state an amount a buyer was willing to pay.

"The price for which something actually sells. They asked $200,000 for the house, but the eventual selling price was $175,000."

- Webster's Dictionary

Prices Are Not Values

Experts often view prices as clues. Gathered on the way to finding an items probable value.

Gather Consensus

Accurate values are often found by gathering a consensus of selling prices. As demonstrated by many of the experts featured in the ballpark pricing videos.

Why It Matters

There are many nuances that need to be considered for accurate ballpark pricing. Missing them could cause you to missprice an item.

Bottom Line

Experts often recommend the following, as a path to finding the most probable value for most items:

  • Gather as many selling (sold) prices as possible from multiple venues, to find a ballpark value.

  • Always get help from qualified appraisers for important buy or sell decisions. Or to verify a DIY ballpark estimate, for a potential high-value item.


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