Why it matters, and...

Willing To Pay - The amount a buyer is 'willing to pay' is the unofficial price at the time an item is reported sold.

Basically, it's the reported selling price both a buyer and seller have agreed upon.


There's a time gap between the reported price and when a seller pays.

Because of this, sold prices are not 'official' until the buyer has paid.

On very rare occasions for most venues. A buyer or seller may back out, causing a sale to fall through.

Gather Consensus

Rather than relying on one sale to determine values. Experts often recommend the following, as a path to find the most probable value for most items:

  • Gather as many selling (sold) prices as possible from multiple venues, to find a ballpark value.

  • Then get help from reputable specialist to verify your DIY ballpark value. Or, for any important buy or sell decisions.


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Always Consult with Reputable Specialist - Before making important buy or sell decisions.