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5 METHODS - Identify and/or value most items in minutes.

#1 // DIY Pricing Demos

ID & Value Most Items in Minutes

Helpful experts share how they identify and value most items in minutes. Showing you step-by-step, how to use a variety of free price finder tools.

Example: Antique & Vintage ID & Pricing
16-Minute Video by vintage picker Crazy Lamp Lady. Shares fast, free, easy steps to ID and value most items in minutes, using eBay. More demos and tools are posted here.

Crazy Lamp Lady also has a 55,000+ member Facebook Group named Old Things Thrifters and Pickers. Members help each other ID items and swap buy and sell tips involving various older items. She also shares tips for a variety of selling venues, including eBay, on her YouTube channel.

#2 // Enthusiast Groups

Lightning Fast Identification

Enthusiast groups can be hard to beat for a fast ID of a mystery item. It's not uncommon to see obscure items posted in large groups, identified in under 10-minutes.

Once you have a correct ID. Free price finders can help find a ballpark value for most items in minutes.

7-Million Years of Knowledge?

One Facebook Group, What is this? Antique, vintage, and unusual item identification has over 195,000 members.

Multiply an average Facebook users age (40) by 195,000. That's 7-million years of combined life experience and knowledge in one group.

All, interested in antique and vintage. Many, eager to identify your item or share helpful research tips.

Making it a potentially valuable first stop for anyone wanting to solve a mystery, fast.

Example: Finding Enthusiast Groups
1-Minute Video by Facebook. Demonstrates basics of finding and joining enthusiast groups.

More Options

Besides Facebook, look online for enthusiast groups. Try eBay community boards, YouTube, MeetUp, Twitter, etc.

  • TIP > Large active groups generally provide the fastest response time.

Most groups (public and private) offer free memberships with a simple registration, and your agreement to follow their rules of conduct.

A small number, ask for a donation or charge a fee. Asking for a free trial membership (if not offered) sometimes works.

Verify Everything

Because it's difficult to know if every opinion is a good one (especially in matters of value). And some may be flat out wrong. Always do your own research and seek advice from reputable specialist when needed.

#3 // Find Reputable Specialist

Free Appraisals & Advice

If you can match an item to an appraisal category. Odds are good you can find a reputable specialist willing to identify it and give you a free appraisal.

Most reputable specialist can be found using fast free resources.

Example: Fast Free Appraisals
4-Minute Video by JB Coins. Shows how free online appraisals work. The same steps apply to most free appraisal categories, A-to-Z

#4 // Fast Image Search

Leverage A.I. Super-Computing

This method shows how to upload a photo of your item. Then use artificial intelligence (A.I.) to find related images, to help ID your item.

Example: How To Do An Image Search
1-Minute Video by Google. Demonstrates basic steps for an image search.

A PC magazine article dives deeper. Covering reverse image search for mobile devices. As well as other image searches available... see article.

#5 // Guide Books

Find The Right Guide

Good price guides can be very helpful in identifying items. The following experts share their tips for finding the right guide for your item. Many guides can be found free, in public libraries.

Example: Good General Guides
2-Minute Video by antique expert Jan Braunstein. Shares tips for finding a good general guide for most items.

Example: Guide Books & Online Research
14-Minute Video by antiques dealer Antiques Arena. Discusses how books can be an excellent resource for identification as well as tips for online research.

Try Before You Buy reviews can help find books others found helpful. Then, the public library can be a great way to try before you buy.

1-Minute Video: If you can't find a book at your local library. This video demonstrates how to get it through an Interlibrary Loan.

Demos | REPORT


  • Finds Money - Correct ID, helps find accurate ballpark values, and may find hidden money makers.

  • Saves Time - Using effective free resources that ID most-items fast.


  • Several Methods May Be Needed - To gather enough clues to properly ID your item.

  • Unique Rare Items - Often take extra time and may need help from reputable specialist.

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