Treasure News Collector

What Sells Best Founder, James Massey


James Massey went down the rabbit hole of global rare item markets in the late-1990s... he's still there.

Leveraging dyslexic benefits to piece together public domain resources covering a broad range of top collector topics.

Enabling him to barnstorm a 50,000 foot view of fortunes found in unique stuff and spots, globally.

What Sells Best was published to help share his high level overview of fortunes found in unique objects and places, worldwide daily since 2008.

He's been collecting the world's greatest treasure tales and holy grail history since 2012. Primarily as a passionate interest and for private investment purposes.

Sharing off-ramps to fast free tools and steps recommended by reputable specialist found along the way.

Highlighting news of specialized experts and venues, helping people at all knowledge levels, identify and value unique items.

The stories, research and resources are woven into helpful free guides and directories on What Sells Best, strictly for informational and entertainment purposes.

Intended to help visitors quickly find reputable specialist offering fast free tools, advice and appraisals for most items.

The site, mixed with history, how-to, humor and ballyhoo. Has been shared and/or used by visitors, venues, journalist and media globally.

Including CBS News, The Guardian, Huffington Post, Market Watch, Fox Business and many more.


All Items Shared by What Sells Best - Are strictly for Informational and Entertainment Purposes only.


Always Consult with Reputable Specialist - Before making important buy or sell decisions.