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This early Beatles rehearsal ticket sold for $7,278 on eBay, but a secret could keep others (owning the same ticket) from ever discovering its value (**see the auction listing #270828836523 on eBay).

The Ticket was distributed by CBS for a Beatles rehearsal prior to their performing on the Ed Sullivan Show in Miami, Florida, (Deauville Hotel, February 16, 1964). The show was their second performance scheduled, on their first trip to America.

The seller's eBay listing stated; "This ticket is for their afternoon rehearsal show at 2:30 pm. there were only a few hundred fans (and tickets) for this show and today, the ticket stubs are among the rarest of all beatles concert tickets in existence."

The secret is... 'The Beatles' name is never mentioned anywhere on the ticket itself. Only the location, date, and ticket's use for, 'rehearsal only' are mentioned.

Meaning, anyone who may have acquired a ticket second-hand without knowing the historical significance of its date and location, may never discover its potentially high value.

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