1964 Beatles Record Fetches $14,999

Known as the first Beatles album released in the United States

July 17, 2012
By James Massey

(Source: WhatSellsBest.com) - This rare record album, 'Introducing... The Beatles' recently fetched $14,999 in an eBay auction.

The 1964 album, featuring the songs 'Love Me Do & P.S. I Love You' (Vee Jay VJLPS-1062) was stated to be in near mint condition with its original Sears baggy style wrapping and price sticker.

Why's It Rare?

The record, 'Introducing... The Beatles' by Vee-Jay Records is known as the first Beatles album released in the United States. Apparently [1], it was originally scheduled for release in July of 1963, but was delayed by legal issues until January 1964. The albums release reportedly came just ten-days before Capitol Records 'Meet The Beatles!'

Reportedly [1], Vee-Jay Records in a rush to get the albums out the door, had 6,000 front (album) covers printed and ready-to-go. But, they still didn't have the back of the cover prepared. Needing a temporary fix, they used full-color (thumbnail) reproductions of other albums, to advertise 25 records from their label on the back-side of the record. This rare first-run cover which is known as the "Ad Back" version, is highly-sought by collectors.

According to the sellers listing; "This is the early 1964 first issue Version One stereo "Ad Back" album with the color ads of other Vee Jay albums printed on the back cover." The seller also stated the albums condition as being near-mint, which also adds to it's rarity.

Buyer Confidence Can Lift Prices

Having the record sale backed by a well-known eBay seller specializing in Beatles Memorabilia probably also helped boost buyer confidence, and the final price. Confidence is always key to an item reaching it's highest potential price, especially when bidders might have a concern due to counterfeits.

Video: See how one collector spots counterfeit Beatles items (Source: Youtube)

Auction Data & Statistics

The album received 24 bids from 13 bidders over the course of 10 days. The opening bid on July 2nd, was 99 cents. The final bid was $14,999. The eBay view-counter recorded over 1,800 visitors to the listing. The auction was ended on a Thursday, July 12, (2012) at 5:08pm Pacific Standard Time.

For more information and close-up photos of the album see; **eBay auction listing; #280913359739 (auction links may expire after 90 days).

Beatles Records & Memorabilia Staying Hot

Beatles items continue to be hot. In April (2012), we reported an fully-signed early record had fetched $24,675, and a rare promotional demo (record) collected $19,586. Both were on eBay.

In May, The Guardian reported The Beatles famed 'Backwards' Abbey Road photograph had sold for $25,000 (£16,000).

Then in June, an extemely rare Cavern Club Beatles Poster fetched $42,515.

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