$13,000 for Beatles 'Love Me Do' Demo

Fourth 'Love Me Do' Demo to fetch five-figures on eBay, in just over a year

January 23, 2013
By James Massey

(Source: WhatSellsBest.com) - Another extremely rare Beatles 'Love Me Do' demo has reached five-figures on eBay (*$13,487/£8,500). Making it the forth to do so, in just over a year.
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The seller rated this records vinyl, and cover, from very-good to near-mint. Stating (in the **eBay listing): "This original example (not a recent reproduction) is in virtually the same condition as it left the EMI offices 50 years ago."

Other Five-Figure 'Love Me Do' Demo Sales

In just over a year we tracked three previous sales of this particular demo, on eBay. But, this is the first eBay seller based outside of the UK (in Austria). The three previous top UK sales (shown below) had final prices ranging between $17,000 - $19,000.

Why's It Rare?

The 7-inch demo, contains two-songs; 'Love Me Do' and 'P.S. I Love You.' The vinyl was pressed and distributed by Parlophone (UK) in 1962, as a promo for DJ's and Journalist. It's been estimated by collectors that only 250 copies exist.

Many collectors consider the record to be pivotal in launching the Beatles career.

Adding to rarity, is a small detail that could easily escape the attention of a casual observer. The detail to look for, is in Paul McCartney's name, which was misspelled as 'McArtney' on both sides of the record.

Auction Data & Statistics

The Beatles Demo received 16 bids from 8 bidders over the course of 10 days. The opening bid on January 10th, was $250 (GBP). The final bid was *$13,487 (£8,500.00). The auction was ended on a Wednesday, January 20, (2012) at 12:48pm Pacific Standard Time.

For more information and close-up photos of the album see; **eBay auction listing; # 290842560231 (auction links may expire after 90 days).

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