$1 Million for Warren Buffett Lunch Ticket

Warren Buffett Lunch fetches $1 Million on eBay for Charity

June 7, 2013
By James Massey

WhatSellsBest.com - A winning eBay bidder and seven of their friends will be having a three-hour-lunch with Warren Buffett at the Smith & Wollensky Restaurant in New York. This years lunch-auction raised $1 Million for a special cause, close to Mr. Buffett's heart.

Glide Foundation

The Glide Foundation (the beneficiary) helps thousands of men, women, and children overcome the effects of human suffering, poverty and homelessness, through a wide-variety of innovative programs in the San Francisco area.

I recently watched a couple of interviews (videos posted below) with past winners of the lunch-auction, who also visited the charity. I was struck by how much they seemed to agree that Mr. Buffet has picked the beneficiary of the auction, as carefully as he would pick his investments or a business manager.

In the following interview with Warren, he talks about how he learned of the Glide Foundation from his wife, and how he overcome an initial response of skepticism.

How Warren learned of the Glide Foundation (Source: eBay Giving Works)

Guy Spier, 2007 Buffett Lunch Auction Winner (Source: KompoltAuctions)

Warren Buffett and 2009 Winner Courtenay Wolfe (Source: Bloomberg)


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