Rare Beatles Album Fetches $35,000

The White Album has the lowest possible number for a U.S. Pressing

August 11, 2013
By James Massey

(Source: WhatSellsBest.com) - One of the lowest numbered Beatles albums has fetched a winning bid of $35,000 (after buyers premium) with Heritage Auctions.

The White Album, which had a U.S. Pressing number of A0000001, had previously belonged to Clifford J. Yamasaki of San Francisco's Let It Be Records. The auction also included a handwritten letter from Mr Yamasaki, explaining how he came to own it.

Here's an excerpt from that letter; "It (the record) is one of approximately two dozen copies given out as early promotional items to the Beatles and top Capitol Records executives. I purchased said copy from one of the above executives in the early 1970's. Said executive was head of the classical division at Capitol Records. The 'White Album' number A0000001 was shown at a Beatles Convention one time only. 'White Album' copies with this number A0000001 were never sealed with records or sold to the public."

The Making of The Beatles White Album (Source: Youtube)

Why's It Valuable?

Due to The Beatles impact on society, and their lasting popularity (worldwide), many consider them to be one of the most influential music groups in popular culture.

Because of this, there's an extremely large collector base, and a very-limited-supply of early memorabilia, that remains in good condition.

The combination of a huge-demand, and scarce-supply, often drives prices high. Especially when collectors know they might never get another chance to buy something.

Having one of the lowest-possibly-numbered items, is one of those rare occasions to own something that only comes along once in great awhile.

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