Magic 'Black Lotus' Fetches $27,302

The rare card is considered to be a favorite among collectors

November 20, 2013
By James Massey

(Source: - A rare 1993 Magic The Gathering Alpha Black Lotus Card has fetched $27,302 at auction.
back of record

The card seller stated (in their **eBay listing) it was; "the holy grail of non sports cards in the finest condition ever graded by BGS. To date, BGS has only graded two examples with 2 pristine 10 subgrades. Only 1 point away from being a six figure Pristine 10. The surface looks pristine as well and is worthy of being reviewed!"

Why's It Rare?

The Black Lotus is considered to be the most valuable of the Magic cards ever released. The Alpha version in particular is extremely rare, due to its limited print run of 1,100.

Video: Review of the most valuable Magic: The Gathering card in 2012 (Source: GMTG)

Auction Data & Statistics

The Magic The Gathering Alpha Black Lotus Card received 38 bids from 14 bidders over the course of 7 days. The opening bid on November 10th, was 99 cents. The final bid was $27,302. The eBay view-counter recorded over 4,900 visitors to the listing. The auction ended on Friday, November 17 (2013), at 9:40pm Pacific Standard Time.

For more information and close-up photos of the card see; **eBay auction listing; #400605168107 (auction links may expire after 90 days).


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