$3.2 Million for Superman Comic Book

Sale of 1938 Action Comics #1 (Superman Issue) Sets New World Record on eBay

August 24, 2014
By James Massey

WhatSellsBest.com - An ultra rare 1938 Superman comic book has set a new-world-record on eBay, by selling for $3.2 million (see eBay listing #311050328393). And there may still be more copies... yet to be discovered (see where the last one was found)


Why's It Rare?

This particular comic introduced Superman to the world in 1938, as the first Superhero ever. The comic had an initial run of 200,000 issues.

From the initial run. Less than 100 copies are known to exist. Only 34 are un-restored issues, and only 2 (this being one of them) still have pristine white pages.

In a promotional video for the eBay auction (below), Matt Nelson, President of CCS Comics stated; "Well we've graded over 60 copies, and half the ones we've graded are restored. And of the 60 copies that we've graded, only 7 are better than 6.0 on that scale of one-to-ten. This Action #1 is a Certified 9.0 with white pages. The highest rated Action #1 in the world. So this book is incredibly rare in this grade, almost unheard-of. One of the greatest books I've ever seen in my career."

More about the history of this Superman Comic (Source: eBay Inc.)

Are There More To Be Found?

The last major discovery we reported happened in 2013. When a copy of Action #1 was found in the wall during home renovation in Hoffman Minnesota. (See other amazing finds)

The house had reportedly been purchased for $10,000 as a fixer-upper. The comic (graded 1.5) ended up fetching the home owner $175,000.

I may be wrong (I often am). But with 200,000 issues printed, and less than 100 known. It seems to me like the odds are good. That somewhere, somehow, more will be found.

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