$10,350 for 1978 Star Wars Proof Card

The seven-day auction ignited bidding-war among collectors on eBay

November, 3 2014
By James Massey

WhatSellsBest.com - A rare proof card, used as a prototype design for packaging a vintage Star Wars action figure, has sold on eBay for $10,350.
See the auction on eBaySee the auction on eBaySee the auction on eBay

A Rich Bumpy History

The prototype proof card was designed for a Luke Skywalker action figure by Kenner toys in 1978. The first year Star Wars toys were put on the shelves.

But the first license for manufacturing Star Wars action figures, was offered to the Mego Corporation in 1976. A leader in action figures at the time.

Unfortunately (for Mego) they refused the offer, and the license was picked up by Kenner. Then Mego later filed for bankruptcy in 1982.

When the Star Wars film was first released in May of 1977, Kenner was unprepared for the huge toy demand it generated.

Kenner was unable to build a Star Wars toy stock in time for Christmas, so they sold certificates that could be redeemed for the toys when they were ready.

What's a Proof Card?

Proofs are used by manufacturers as a way to insure everthing's just right, before ramping-up production.

This process is often used to test designs, colors, and print accuracy. Before giving an item its final design approval.

Because proofs are rare, they can be highly sought amongst collectors. Especially when there's a strong fan base for an item… like Star Wars.

It also helps when something's in excellent shape. According to its listing the (AFA) Action Figure Authority had given it a near-mint+ rating of 85.

Auction Details

The Star Wars Proof Card received 37 bids, from 11 bidders, over 7-days. The opening bid was $1, and the final bid $10,350. The auction ended on Sunday, November 2, 2014, at 12:24pm Pacific Standard Time.

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