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Beatles White Album

January 13, 2015
By James Massey

(Source: - An early Beatles White Album (Parlophone Records) has fetched $15,129 (£9,994) in an eBay auction.
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The White Album, described by the eBay seller as a 1968 U.K. Export Parlophone Pressing, was also stated to be excellent condition.

Excerpt from the eBay listing; "stunning all round condition, with all the original inserts is possibly unique! With vinyl’s that look and sound great, crystal clear audio and a rare numbered cover, with the original photo spacer, and unique stampers, making this a fantastic opportunity to own an extremely rare piece of musical history!"

Why's It Valuable?

Rare White Album's are highly sought after by Beatles memorabilia collectors.

In 2013 we reported on an extremely rare White Album (with a U.S. pressing number of A0000001) which sold for $35,000.

Because of The Beatles long lasting popularity (worldwide) there's a huge collector base, seeking a scarce-supply of early memorabilia. The demand for rare items can drive prices sky high.

As happened for the 1967 Sgt. Pepper's Album that fetched $290,500

The Making of The Beatles White Album (Source: Youtube)

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