SOLD: $125,000 for Beatles 'Butcher'

World Record for a Non-Autographed Sealed Copy at Auction

February 22, 2016
By James Massey

DALLAS, TEXAS - A sealed vintage Beatles "Butcher Album" (Rated GEM MINT 10 Condition) soared to $125,000 at Heritage Auctions over the weekend. The sale set a new world record.

Beatles Record

Why So Much?

The 1966 album, put out as an early release of "Yesterday and Today" immediately created an uproar due to its image of The Beatles covered in raw-meat and baby-doll parts.

The controversy severely limited the number of albums making it to market, because a majority of albums were recalled shortly after the introduction. Reportedly, Sears only had the album on their shelves one-day before pulling it. Many other stores refused to carry it all.

Rather than throwing the album covers out. A decision was made to cover-up the original album cover with a less controversial image applied as a sticker over the original cover. These albums are known as "second-state" Butcher covers. The recall, makes original (first-state) versions extremely rare, and copies in excellent sealed condition even rarer.

Video: Learn more about the Beatles Butcher back-story from a 2003 Antiques Roadshow appraisal

Auction Data & Statistics

According to Heritage Auction's online view-counter. There were over 2,800 visits to the listing, and 6 active bidders participating in the auction (via Internet/Mail/Phone).

Heritage also stated the $125,000 auction price is a world record for a non-autographed, still sealed Gem Mint 10 sealed copy.

For more information and close-up photos of the album see; Heritage Auctions lot #89154.

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