FOUND: $1 Million in Baseball Cards in Trash

Find Astonishes Sports Memorabilia Experts Worldwide

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Front and back of card (Source: Washington Post)

March 3, 2016
By James Massey

SOUTHERN U.S. - A million dollar collection of seven ultra rare Ty Cobb baseball cards were discovered in a torn paper bag, thought to be trash, by a family going through the possessions of their great-grandparents home. The find has astonished sports memorabilia experts worldwide.

Found in a torn paper bag

The discovery of the cards is an amazing story. An article posted on the PSA website describes the moment of discovery.

"The cards discovered in 2016 were unearthed in a rural town after a southern family was combing through the possessions of their great grandparents. The cards were found inside a torn paper bag on the floor. Initially, the family thought the bag was merely filled with trash and planned to discard it. One of the family members decided to sift through the contents, which included a number of postcards and other paper products. Beneath this small pile of items were the Cobb cards lying face down at the bottom of the bag."

So far, the identity of the family (and location of the discovery) remains unknown. Because they wish to remain anonymous.

Why they're rare

According to an article in the Washington Post, the cards are extremely rare. Prior to this find only 15 were known to exist. This discovery now raises that total to 22.

Anytime you have an in-demand collectible in scarce supply, made of paper, and over one hundred years old. It's extremely rare for that item to survive, let alone be in good condition.

Video: NBC Today reporting on the rare Ty Cobb baseball cards found in an old paper bag.

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